Why? Why not!?

How many would have put their money on Vincent Van Gogh in 1889 or even 1890? My guess: very, very few… He was just a poor, turmented soul, on the side of mad… A few quirks of fate and Vincent Van Gogh, as we know him today, would have been just a missed posibility… another artiste maudit, suicidé de la société

Who can tell the future? Who can really tell if somebody is a great artist or just a minor one? Who will know if I will make it (or not) in the big books of Art History? (Not that I have that many illusions… my chances are VERY slim…) But, in my humble opinion, NOBODY can tell for sure

Nobody can tell that me, Ion Vincent Danu, Canadian artist of Romanian origin, would be (or not) considered in the chaotic, moody, art market… Nobody can tell now, when I’m still alive and kicking, if I am a great artist or not. I’m not rich, almost unknown and just starting (after 5-6 years as a full-time artist). I have, maybe, another few years to draw and paint… But I’ve already created about 2000 images, drawings and paintings, and I wish that at least my children, my wife and a few friends knew who I was and what I’ve done…

The Internet and WordPress.com gave me this chance (Thanks, by the way!)..

So, I’ll start this blog to present myself, bit by bit, in chronological order. Reproductions of my best drawing and paintings (when I’ve said 2000 I meant my best 2000…) with a few words to introduce them…

The following is, to my best knowledge, my first painting. I still have it, somewhere in Sibiu, my native town. It’s an oil, my first one, and I still remember the powerful scent of turpentine and linseed oil… I still remember the feeling of awe, manipulating colors…

I was about 13 years old. The year was 1970 and the place Sibiu, Romania

Transylvanian landscape


9 responses to “Why? Why not!?

  1. But I like the portraits! Aren’t you going to hang up any portraits here the way you do at http://ionvdanu.blogspot.com/?

    That Jehova’s Witness is wonderful. Strange, she makes such a beautiful picture, yet looking stupid. It is partly that hair and especially (as somebody here told me) the way you did her blouse.

    Also, very strange that the picture of an individual that I never met is of any interest at all. I caught myself staring at her as if I had to try and remember more exactly where I had seen her before.

  2. By the way, do you know you can disable the option of “comment moderation”?

  3. For Cantueso: yes, A, I will post my best portraits here also. but you’ll have to wait (and see…) them in chronological order (some old portraits aren’t that bad…)

    I don’t know really what had happened today with the other blog (the blogspot one)… a record 32 visits, almost all from the US… Maybe some Jehova’s Witness convention caught word of the portrait? I’m glad it impressed you…

    And yes, I know I can disable “comment moderation”… but I prefer to know when somebody comments, even if I never yet “moderate” (in the sense of censured it or delete it) any comment… Not very numerous, by the way (but I always prefered quality to quantity…)

  4. ovidiu stanomir

    cindva, la Sacadate?

  5. Iarta-ma pentru engleza, Ovidiu! Dar stii cum e noua limba universala fara de care nu potzi fi, cu adevarat, cunoscut…

    Si nu, e sibiu, nu sacadate… S-ar putea ca inaintea acestui mic tablou sa fi facut o natura statica cu mere dar era mai putzin reusita si n-am oricum reproducerea…

  6. carmenvisalon

    Hei, zau ca-mi place prima ta pictura. Ideea de capite-cort este super. Si culorile vii, ma duc cu gandul la ganguritul amantilor tineri. Grauenfels, are o gramada de poezii, cu mere si capite de fan in care se iubeste de cu vara pana seara, asa ca ar trebui sa asociati imaginea- adica Your first picture cu poeziile lui.
    Revenind la picturile tale. Astept sa le vad pe toate cele 2000.

  7. Carmen, aveam cam 13 ani cand am pictat asta!

    N-o sa le pot pune pe toate 2000 dar voi incerca sa pun o buna selectzie din ele… Mersi de vizita!

  8. carmenvisalon

    Daca tu la 13 ani pictai asa, atunci inseamna ca trebuie sa te intorci in universul copilariei. Stii, Pictura asta ar trebui reprodusa. Cred ca trebuie sa figureze in expozitiile tale. Sunt sigura ca va fi un succes.
    Astept toate cele 2000 sau mai multe.

  9. Poate ca e bine, într-un fel, Carmen, ca m-am RE-apucat de pictura când eram deja bine trecut de 40-42… Incepeam sa dau in mintea copiilor si simt ca mi se întampla tot mai mult si mai des… Sper sa ma întzeleg excelent cu nepotzii care înca nu-i am…

    Ai dreptate, acesta ar trebui sa-mi fie obiectivul… sa redevin copil, sa privesc lumea cu ochi noi, necoruptzi… In cele mai bune nuduri, portrete, compozitzii se întâmpla asa, cel pûtzin un pic…

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