Why “Van Gogh and I” ?

Apart from following the advice of some wise friends ( marketing wise and simply wise…) there is a tight knitted connection between Van Gogh and “I”…

As a child, even if during summertime I was more of a wanderer (I’ve spent all my childhood fishing in the Cibin river, near which I’ve lived until I was 15 years old, or wandering in the Dumbrava forest and on the hills around Sibiu) I like a lot reading… Adventures, of course, but also “Pictori blestematzi” (that is “Artistes maudits”/ Cursed artists?) by Francis Carco, a “friend of the artists”…

And, especially, “The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo“…

Then, just as now, I was kind of hypnotized by the life and paintings of Vincent Van Gogh… I was lucky because the time of my childhood and adolescence wasn’t that bad in the Communist Romania… The “dictator” wasn’t yet a dictator, he visited the US and Europe etc. and a lot of good western writers and artists were published… My parents, not rich but not poor either (my father was an engineer, my mother an economist) gave me enough allowance money to buy books and colors and artist materials…

So, the “letters” of Vincent contributed essentially to my decision (a 13 years old boy decision) to become “an artist”, even if my father, of course, would have preferred that I become an engineer like him. As always, I had my mother on my side… and together we worn out the resistance of my father. I applied for the Art High School in Sibiu and passed the exam… My “artist” life begun…

This is a landscape of the view from my room, painted in the 70 ties in the “tempera” technique (gouache would be almost the equivalent)… One of the few paintings which I still have…

View from my window


2 responses to “Why “Van Gogh and I” ?

  1. ovidiu stanomir


  2. Si mie imi place, Ovidiu…

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