Granpa Moshu

This is a drawing which has a great sentimental value for me – and which is not that bad as a sketch, neither..

I’ve drawn it about one year before his death (my grandfather, Ion Lup, whose life story I’ve told on my other blog at: that is in 1974, when I was still a student at the Art High School.

When I was in the mood, I was a quick draftman (I hope the spelling is ok, for I never found a better equivalent to this complicated, hard to pronounce term…) and you’ll see, the next few days, some drawings I made in the seventies

Van Gogh liked to draw old, worn out, poor people. I also had some good teachers at the Art High School… Rodica Chisu and Ion Chisu were of the number (they’ve immigrated to the US, I think, many years ago…) and they recommended to make a lot of sketches in places with many peoples, like markets and train stations (I’ve followed their advice and even now I always carry a sketchbook and pencils with me).


17 responses to “Grandpa

  1. Hi Danu
    Just a few words..cuvintul de care vorbesti e draftman, cuvintul ala pe care l-ai scris inseamna omul secetei.

  2. P.S. Vezi ca mi-a plecat un mesaj cu gresala, sper ca poti sa-l stergi.


  3. I also think that the drawing of your grandpa is great. The drawing of your grandma exposes too much pain, shows too much, and so one feels wrong about looking too closely.

  4. It says that there are 4 entries in this blog, but I can see only two: this one about your grandfather and the other one about your childhood. Is this intentional? The blog does not seem to have the typical blog format where there is a descending chronological order (first today’s, then yesterday’s, then the day before yesterday’s…)

  5. ovidiu stanomir

    un batrin…. frumos!

  6. A, I tried to improve the functionality, following your suggestions… You can see now more easily all recent posts.

    Rafi, mersi pentru corectzie… repezeala de mâna si insuficienta cunostintza a limbii, deh… Mai viziteaza-ma, te rog, când ai vreme…


    Mersi, Ovidiu.

  7. !!! Is this your new avatar?

    Doo0! (as they say here. It is not nice. Ask Gene to make one for you…..


  8. This is in my opinion one of the best things I have seen in a long time, though I have not yet been to your other web page that you mention further up. But this man does not look very old, not even fifty. Is it really your grandpa?
    The resignation and thoughtfulness suggested by his bowed head would be an older man’s, but not his features.

  9. I really do appreciate your opinion, A.S.! (can I call you A.S.?) Yes he was my granpa and in 1974 when I did this drwing he was 83… It’s also one of my favourite drawings…
    For RAfi:

    And, by the way, Rafi, “draughtman” is the British spelling for draftsman… so, even if I make a lot of errors in English, this time I was right…

  10. You say that your grandpa’s story is in “the other blog”, and you give an access to that other blog, but that other blog is about a mile long; can’t you give a catch word that I can put in the page search to find the story? I am a slow reader, and I have some reasons to suspect that you write faster than I can read.

  11. Sorry, cantueso (lavanda, in Romanian)!

    The name of the entry is “Personal mithology” from August 14th.

    I should learn something from you and G. – write shorter and more often (and in my case writing is accesory… or should be so…) ; that why I would also have less chances to make mistakes…

  12. This drawing, unlike that of the horses, is of great impact. It is almost a visionary’s drawing, strikingly beautiful.

  13. Thank You very much for your kind appreciations, Leonard and Cantueso. It’s maybe unmodest to say it but I like it too…

  14. Irina Chisu

    Ioan and Rodica Chisu are my grandparents, and they are very much alive and well and painting in the United States. They read your blog entry and were pleased to hear that you found their instruction useful after all those years.

  15. Yes, I did! Great news to hear they are well. I have the most pleasant memories from those days and prof. Ioan Chisu ( I remember his passion for teaching painting and his erudition – I still find useful things in Andre Lhote treaty, recommended by him!) and I still remember with great pleasure the sketching lessons with prof. rodica Chisu. If they want I’ll be delighted to express personally my admiration and gratitude. My email is

    • Irina Chisu

      I will pass on the email to them and they will contact you. I’m sure they would love to hear from their past students.


  16. thnks, Irina! I will be very glad to hear from them…Those years were happy years…

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