Some army stuff…

The paintings I still have from my high school years are very few… most of them are black and white reproductions, so I thought a color reproduction of a painting I did during my army service (1976-1978) would be more interesting…

Hell of an army service, in fact! More than half of that time I was the librarian of the unit (an ideal job for me, not very beligerant and all…) The last 3-4 months I was given the task to choose another 3-4 “talents” among my collegues and to paint paintings! ( for a “socialist” competion called the “Daciada”… the not so young Romanians know what I mean…)

This is an oil on paper landscape I’ve painted in the autumn of 1977, about 8″ x 12″.

Orchard near Lugoj


9 responses to “Some army stuff…

  1. Yes, this is very good. — I have been wondering and in fact asking all around why sometimes it is not possible to have the avatar on a comment. Do you know?

  2. No ideea! When you say it is not nice, are you refering to my “red” avatar, me with spectacles etc.? Because I also think it’s not so nice… but it’s truthful to myself, as I really am, now… Un petit vieux avec barbiche blanche et des cernes noires…

  3. I agree. Your avatar is not exactly an advertisement for your painting. When I scroll down a page of posts, I can hardly see it, because it is too complex to be reproduced postage-stamp size. After all an avatar is only a kind of road sign, a traffic sign, a stop sign.

  4. But you miss the point! Can’t have truth or lies in an avatar. It is only a marker and has to be visible and easy to be remembered.

  5. Ok, I’ll try another avatar… usually I’m much more stubborn but you two are very convincing…

    give me your opinion on the new one…

  6. Yes. It is good. By the way, you wouldn’t have been very busy inflating my stats, would you? Somebody put in some 20 hits in one hour this morning.

    I think the new avatar is very good. One can see it from a mile and it stand out among the crowds of avatars, head and shoulders above the common avatar. It is even better than mine, because it represents you directly, which mine doesn’t, since I took it from *a friend* who drew it with the mouse of his computer when computers were a new thing in his life and he had to try out his first mouse.

    However, yesterday I saw this quote somewhere:
    Las girafas tienen las ideas muy elevadas. Giraffes have their ideas high up = high ideas.
    !! nice!

  7. Postscript. I also saw that page that rejected you. But it is awful. Can’t you see? It is all painted by women selected by women, said my aforementioned friend, who usually is right in these matters. It is an awful selection!

    Still. It really really bugs me that I cannot see their business secret. Why, why, why why would they reject your 29,– monthly? you must be new in the world to think their level is too high or that they thought that yours was too low.

  8. A, glad you like my new avatar…I like yours and it’s only problem is the fact that the colors are not enough contrasted, value like… I mean if you make that giraffe (girafa, en Roum.) white with some dark spots, it will be way more visible…

    About Daily Painters Gallery – yes, 85 % of the members are female (some good if you like the color photo reproduction type or the amateur hour… but there are 3-4 good ones, male and female… I like, for instance, the watercolors by theat Bogota painter William K. Moore, I think)

    I won’t waste any more time on them…

  9. Sorry for the typo mistakes…

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