Still army stuff…

This is another landscapes I painted when I was in the army (and another oil on paper – not a lot of materials to chose from…)  As you can see, I wasn’t afraid of strong colors… The year was 1977.

View from the Library window


3 responses to “Still army stuff…

  1. I happened to land here.

    Maybe you should have a look. It is a Canadian girl, a glitzy fast thing, that bitches about some pale cheese square that got first prize in an art contest there.

    (The square has its corners cut off. That makes it more interesting, ¿sabes?)

  2. Is this an army building? But not in Canada I hope? Are those electric wires hanging all over? The colours are really strong, almost too strong, so that on the screen they seem to flimmer.

  3. Yes, cantueso, sad and hilarious! and to think I could 1 year and more with those 25000$! More sad than hilarious!
    to A.S.Chartwell : in fact, there were the buildings I was seeing from the window of my army unit Library! in Romania. And yes the colors are strong… I was 19-20 at the time…so young! well…

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