Romanian Horses…

This is a kind of an echo for a friend from Spain who mentioned some Greek Horses…

I’ve spent a lot of time, in my happy high school years (that’s weird, eh? HAPPY high school years!), sketching everything that catch my eye: in market places, woods, popular meetings etc. Still like to do that, in fact…

These horses are old traction horses in the Cibin market place in Sibiu, Romania, 1974 and 1975… Vincent did a lot o sketches like these (but mostly men; I seem to have an affinity for horses too…) in his years of apprenticeship in Borinage, at Nuenen or Anvers…

Horse 2



8 responses to “Romanian Horses…

  1. In my humble opinion, these horses are somewhat drab reflecting none of that elegance that makes horses look almost like females parading off the race track before the race begins. That is, these horses look too much like the outcome of a well-intended study meant for you to learn something towards doing a good job elsewhere, some job not concerning horses. I guess these things are hard to explain and I had better quit.

  2. But of course, Leonard! (may I call you Leonard?)

    As I’ve mentioned in the presentation, these are “old traction horses” in a market place. If they look drab it means (for me) that I was truthful to their appearences… I did some other horses too… I’ll post them for you to judge (these are Québec horses used for equitation lessons…) And I get your point.

  3. Nikola Kostovski

    call me on my mail if you want to see real drawing horses.
    I’m just 17 years old and in my opinion I thing I’m a real artmaster.
    My name is Nikola Kostovski and I am from Macedonia.Yours drawings are to simple.
    Please call me.

  4. If you want me to see your horses, Nikola K. please send some reproductions by email or give me a link where I can go and see them. My drawings are just sketches. and I had a few years more than your declared age when I draw them… and even now I don’t consider myself an artmaster. But that’s only me…

  5. Interesting header title – I started a post with the title Van Gogh y Yo but posted something else instead. I think I will do that one tomorrow.

    I really like the banner in your other blog (the boats)

  6. Well, Van Gogh & I was a title suggested to me by Cantueso and 100Swallows… Since I almost always quote him or talk about him…

    Maybe I’l inter-change the banner at your suggestion (you think that one was better? it’s a painting I’ve sold last year, a watercolor I also liked)…

    I’ll check on your blog to see Van Gogh y Yo…

  7. your drawing are fantastic!! i have 15 horses and i love them all

  8. Thaks, heather! I would love to draw and paint horses all day long! They are so gracious yet so powerfull… but I don’t know why I cannot find amateurs… Maybe I am too old, too lazy to search actively for buyers…

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