Green Nude

This nude’s technique is tempera. In communist Romania (in the seventies and eighties) there were’n a lot of choices for the artists… You could find oils (usually not very well grounded and skirting a kind of gel al the time. Or you could work with watercolor – not so bad – but only as small cakes. For the lucky ones – Chinese watercolor in tubes, about the top quality for the ordinary artist. (Probably the professionals, especially those liked by the government and the party, painted with imported good colors, from Germany and France) .

And then, there was tempera: kind of gouache, in zinc tubes. I like them a lot because they dried quite fast (I always liked fast drying colors…) and you could get some nice texture effects…

I painted the Green Nude sometime between 1978 and 1980… One of the few works I kept, at least the reproduction of it, from those timesGreen Nude


9 responses to “Green Nude

  1. Sorry if there are too many mistakes… When I’m posting this I’m kind of worn out… Long day.

  2. I appreciate your post and your beautiful painting! I had the pleasure of watching a documentory about another Romanian artist who also delt with art during the communist times. It is interesting to see how each artist deals with events that effect their art. Thank you for sharing. Regards,

  3. Thak you Darin for your appreciation! I appreciate it…

    I do not know liviu mocan (there a lot of Romanians who are artists… You have, no doubt, heard about Constantin BRANCUSI, one of the most importants sculptors of the XX century…) but I pay him a visit…

    Best wishes, danu

  4. constanine IS my favorite artist of all time. i was blessed to be in switzerland and see a version of bird in space which is an amazing sculpture. i really love his work. i hope you enjoyed liviu’s work. i believe he is located in the capital city of romania.

  5. Yes, Brancusi has some marvellous sculptures… even if myself I’m not (unfortunatelly you have to put some limits to your interests if you want to do something good…) practicing sculture and I know just the big names…

    I liked what I could see from Liviu Mocan. I’ve left Romania ten years ago and don’t know any more about what’s going one over there, on the art scene… Still interested to see what’s on but from a distance, now…

  6. liviu recently had a short documentory produced about him. it was produced by an arts group which my wife and i are a part of. it is a beautiful film.

  7. Thanks for the link, darin1 I browse it quickly and I gave me the wish to revisit it, with more time… I’ll try to see the film on Liciu them…

  8. I’ll try to see the movie with Liviu Mocan but I couldn’t find it on Via affirmative site (I’m not that good with the Internet…)

    Could you give me a direct link to it, darin? Please?

  9. i dont know why i never saw your request for the link. i unfortunately don’t think there is an example online however i will let you know if i find one. otherwise the 30 minute film can be purchased from (gary @ or through via email ( @ just remove the spaces. blessings, darin

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