Just another quick sketch…

One of my favourive sketching places was the public market, near the Cibin river… I was drawing everything which would catch my eye, as quickly as I could… Just a pencil on paper…

This is  one of those sketches… I like it because I kind of succeded in catching the manner they carried geese around… Kind of barbarian, no doubt, if an animal activist is asked… But the farmers in the market couldn’t find any…

Sketch of a goose


4 responses to “Just another quick sketch…

  1. I’m not making fun of animal activist… or whatever you call them… And no doubt the poor goose was really stressed before being sacrificed for the egoist purposes of humans… A good reason to become vegetarian…

  2. The preview is called “SNAP shot” or similar. Do you know what I mean?

  3. At WordPress there is a way to disable that little “preview” that pops up all the time and even gets in front of the large picture.

    There is also a way to disable “awaiting moderation”: do you need to censure the comments that get to your page???

    Of course it would be nice if I told you what the way is, but I forgot.

  4. No, cantueso, I will never censure the comments… it’s just easier for me to keep track of them and to respond to them… But I’ll try to disable it, see if I can manage as well…

    The lillte “preview”… you mean the thing with thumbnail and full size? Because it depends also on the format (?) of the reproduction: sometimes, if you don’t make it thumbnail it would “cut” a part of it…


    I’ve tried to disable comment moderation but I CANNOT find where I can do that… Please, help me, cantueso!

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