Somewhat cubist self-portrait… and more

Semicubist self-portrait

Since we are talking self-portraits…

This one could be even older than the previous… All I know for sure is that’s also a tempera painting, on canvas, and I still was a student at the Art High School in Sibiu (Liceul de Arte Plastice, in Romanian…)

I was 17 or 18 years old… somewhat unsure of myself also…

In fact, I will post TWO self-portraits, the other one being even older, 1974, I think, a pencil drawing on a simple letter format paper…

By the way, if Vincent Van Gogh documented his life and work through his letters he did not do it on purpose, as I do it right now… I’m not sure other egomaniacs have done this before, but since 2004-2005 I have a catalogue recording every single at least acceptable (by my standards, which are high, I think…) drawing, painting or whatever visual work I produce. I assure you I don’t do it simply because of egomania or delusion of grandeur but I’m a very sincere and, in a way, modest guy… The future art historians and critics (if I find one… or if heor she finds me…) will have their task greatly eased up… About my catalogue – inspired by that of Paul Klee – some other time…

Self-portrait April 1974


2 responses to “Somewhat cubist self-portrait… and more

  1. ovidiu stanomir

    Dane, ca sa fiu sincer, prefer aceasta modalitate de a te exprima. Poate ca nu e atit de spectaculoasa decit cea “onirica”, insa e mai profunda, zic eu…

  2. Pot sa accept asta fara probleme, Ovidiu. Dar nu cred ca e \’mai profunda”…dimpotriva, mai superficiala, mai bazata pe apearentele vizibile…

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