Playing “artist” in the army…

My last few months in the army very quite nice… Unusual nice, because, as a rule, they don’t do that… But the socialist contest “Daciada” was close and they needed paintings to compete with… So, I was appointed, as a librarian of my unit, to choose some “artists” among my collegues and to produce the best paintings possible… So, we were 4-5 “soldiers-artists”, excused from the usual army duties and drawing and painting for the “Daciada”national contest… We did what we could and enjoyed every single day till the end of our term…

Sleeping was always a problem (I mean sleeping MORE; after the others get up at 5:00 AM)

We sneek out from our dorms and try to catch a few more hours, or even minutes, of sleep… We slept on old collections of newpapers and magazines… or, as I represented here one of my collegues, in baskets… Just another sketch I like. The year is 1977 or begining of 1978… The technique is “calumet” (roseau in French) with black ink on paper… I was young, full of energy and hoped I could be a professional artist soon…

La boheme in the army


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