The Irradiated Nightmare – another photogravure

This is a photogravure – you can almost call it a mono-gravure because I didn’t make more than one, maybe two samples… – I made it around 1980-1981, using a drawing from the happy “painting for the army” times (1977-78). You can see that I already favoured the weird, surreal subjects and the fears of an atomic Holocaust weren’t unknown to me…

I’ve red “Malevil” in the army – the near future anticipation of an atomic war by the French writer Robert Merle – and I was really impressed. Since then I kept a constant interest for survival topics and science fiction. Even now, I think that an atomic Holocaust is not impossible, even if now it is not a very “fashionable” subject… It can happen anytime, in fact... There is also in this graphic work the obssession of the “egg” (in French, la boule) in which we are closing each other…

The Irradiated nightmare


4 responses to “The Irradiated Nightmare – another photogravure

  1. Today I tried again to get that blogroll to show on my blog. It just won’t. Now I also asked at the WordPress forum. Did you have to do anything in particular to get your blogroll going? Like say a prayer or something?

  2. No, nothing special… I just went to Presentation and then, on the menu to widgets (and there you can fiind everything you need…)

  3. Yes, it is a widget. I did not know.
    Besten Dank.

  4. Again, gerne!

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