A few old drawings…

I want to verify if the theory of a WordPress friend is true… I will post just a few old drawings (from my early years as an artist – 1971-78) and see if people will click to see the “pictures”… the small landscape is what I wopuld call a van gogh-ian drawing…Horse

2 geese

The painter


4 responses to “A few old drawings…

  1. But I meant thumbnails: it is thumbnails they don’t click, even if on the thumbnail you can’t see more than a blotch.

    Also, if you tell “the people” that they are being watched, they won’t behave as usual.

    I am supposed to look for some geese here, geese sleeping with their heads tucked under the wing. And I have been busy because I want to open a blog on modern art, mainly Chagall.

  2. Ok, I get it… they don’t click on thumbnails…

    With the goose, you missed the point, C! It’s not hte goose who’s important, but the purity and spontaneity of the line, the quick sketching of an animal… especially in the first goose… I’m not that good at explaining but if you show me 10 drawings I could pick you up the best 3 of them…

  3. jewal mcdonna

    i didn’t really like the drawings they were off topic.(tell me what you thought of my message and say its from Paige Tessa and Allison)

  4. jewal mcdonna

    send it to me on email!do what i say if you don’t you’ll regret it!-i promise you will.

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