Headless nude…

It seems a lot of my “fans” (whoever they are) did liked my “quick nude” so, being an obliging artist, I will show now the color variant of my “quick” headless nude…

Some  collegues from my art visual class, back then in 1999-2000, reproached me this nude (“misogynistic pig”, I’ve heard they called me… and because I’m a gentleman I didn’t call them back “dykes” etc.)  but, I assure you, I’m no misogyn, I dearly love women and their curves, that’s all… I didn’t put a head on this nude only because there were no curves in it (now don’t you misunderstand me again! I didn’t say they are square headed or something like that…) Finally, the ones who didn’t like and critised my nude were a small minority (very vocal but small) and I just continued to draw and paint nudes, with or without heads… You cannot please everybody AND your father…

Headless Nude

20″ x 16″ , acrylics on cardboard, 1999-2000, © dan iordache, 2000


One response to “Headless nude…

  1. these are great

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