Old lady

There are compassion killings and then, there are compassion drawings…

Van Gogh did it, in his youth and not only, drawing old folks, “near eternity” or Christine (in his famous drawing called “Sorrow”)… Of course, I’m not Vincent. But I feel – I’ve always did – feel compassion for the old and the poor, “les petits gens”, “les offénsés et les humiliés” of Dostoïevsky… My compassion has nothing to do with pity, mind you! I don’t pity them, what I feel is solidarity and some warmth. Because I’m now one of them, not young any more and not rich either… But then, what the hell! I still can draw and paint and drink coffee and even buy a bottle of vine from my country, from time to time. The air is brisk and yellow and orange everywhere, the sun still shine… And there are still books to be read, paintings to be painted and movies to be seen. And some interesting people to meet on the Internet… So far, so good…

Old geezer


2 responses to “Compassion

  1. 100swallows

    These are nice sketches, Danu.

  2. Thanks, G! Very old ones (and the subject too…) also…

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