The Artist in his prime…

If making fun of himself means intelligence, as some great scientists (Einstein?) said once, well, I’m kind of clever…

This is a self portrait from way back… 1975… Ceausescu, the dictator of Romania, just began to be a “dictator”, after his visits in China and North Coreea, I was 19 and the hormons and my youth made me a careless, a bit crazy egotistical maniac, who prepared himself to be an “artist”…

Life would take care of that… Failure after failure, blow after blow, my dream to be an artist simply evaporated… The military service, then life itself took over and I had to wait 24-25 years till I could, again, become an “artist”…



2 responses to “The Artist in his prime…

  1. 100swallows

    Oh, chin up, you whiner! You’re doing better than Ceausescu.

  2. That’s certainly true… Again the Eccleziast is right, eh? Dust to dust… And I’m not whining (well, not too much…) because now I’m doing what I always wanted… Sure, not everything is perfect but now I gained some balance in my life…

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