Sketching with “baitz”

This is a drawing I’ve sketched in 1974, a period in my life when I was seriously considering becoming a professional artist and prepared for the Belle-Arte University by drawing every day… My mom was my usual model and I’m just now understanding what dedication and love took for her to pose, after 8 h of work as an economist… I’m not sure I would do for my children what she did for me…True, I tried to make the posing sessions more pleasant, playing Dalida and Adamo and Italian music on the gramophone… The technique was calumeau (reed, cut à la Van Gogh) with “baitz” (I did not find but the equivalent in German, “beize”) a brown redish industrial colorant. Now, with my present knowledge of colors, I would say the most similar colour would be Burnt Omber. A color for which I have a constant preference…

My mother posing


7 responses to “Sketching with “baitz”

  1. 100swallows

    That’s sepia ink. It IS close to burnt umber, which all those Renaissance artists used for drawing on their canvasses before painting. I like it too. This is a nice sketch–a nice portrait really–of your mom. Any others?

  2. I am no connoisseur, thanks God, but I think these drawings are excellent, and maybe the writing is even better judging by whatever a visitor remembers of this site.

  3. To 100swallows: it’s very close to sepia, indeed… It’s the colorant they use in the furniture industry – or artisanal furniture, to teint the wood in order to imitate the nuttree wood etc. Some dark grains which disolves very well in water. Alfter drying they usually lake it… And yes, there are others…

    To arles3k: if you think my drawings are good YOU ARE a connoisseur! (Thanks!) Are you from Arles? I visited Arles in 1992 or 1993 and bought there a pocket knife – a trade mark very well known in France, I cannot remember now – in a small “armureries”… Nice town…

  4. Chiar daca, “sketching with baitz” suna ciudat, nu cred ca ai fi putut alege un titlu mai bun. Imi place perioada ta de inceput, pentru ca reuseste sa ma uimeasca.Chiar daca pozitia modelului este un pic cam prea curajoasa, te iert si te felicit pentru reusita de a reprezenta erotismul miscarii.
    Daca ai mai lucra un pic, piciorul descult si coapsa invizibila cred ca aceasta schita
    ar deveni ceea ce merita. adica una dintre lucrarile tale importante.

  5. Bucuros sa vad ca – sper – esti bine- Carmen! Mi s-a mai întâmplat… te asigur ca pozitzia era cât se poate de inocenta iar eu preocupat strict de probleme de linie si compozitzie… Altfel, ça va ?

  6. The paint you mention is called wood stain in english, a water based substance that unlike wood varnish penetrates the wood fiber thus creating a stronger contrast in the wood pattern.

  7. Thanks, Alfred! That’s the thing: wood stain…

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