Some more sketches…

My mother standing

Another two “baitz” sketches of my main model, my mother… when we were both much more younger… Looking at these, I remember I’ve used dry reed, cut “en biseau” (obliquely), the same kind of cheap but efficient drawing tool Rembrandt and Van Gogh used… It’s an interesting sketching tool, allowing you to use very fine lines but also large strokes and even accidental droplets and such…

My mother 2


7 responses to “Some more sketches…

  1. 100swallows

    Those are very nice drawings, Danu, and it’s funny to know that the model is your mother. She’s pretty. You make drawing look like so much fun I swear I’m going to stop blogging and draw again with a reed and furniture coloring (purpurina in Spanish).

  2. If you do that, G, I’ll be really glad…drawing, even just fooling around realy IS fun… At least for me. I always said to myself that I could even support jail or an asylum if they allow me to draw… At the worst times in my life, it was this who helped me get along… And yes, my mother did a lot of sacrifices for me, no matter what… I’m not a motherly type but, I think, she was the one I always could count on and I was very lucky. My father is also a really Ok guy, but my mother was more than that…

  3. Your work makes me so happy.

  4. It makes ME happy that it makes you happy! and I mean it!

  5. Thanks, Bassam Elayan!

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