The Painting which travelled to America…

I will show you now one of my best paintings from my early period 1971-1999. (I suppose the art historians will call it the “Romanian period”…if, or course, I will gain some post-mortem “celebrity”… Maybe I could organize a spectacular suicide or something like that to gain their attention…)

This is a Sacadate landscape, Sacadate being the small village where I was a teacher for about 8-9 years and where I lived from 1983 to 1991-92. I lived at my mother-in-low house since my wife Norica was born there. It’s a village near the river Olt, in the middle of forested hills, with the Fagarash mountains range spectacularly visible some clear days… My father’s father is also originary from that village…

I liked living in the country (I even had a milk goat for my children once! ) : they were hard times in Romania and I wasn’t rich but it was a isolated, quite life and, from time to time, I would draw or paint… This particular little landscape I’ve painted very quickly, maybe 20-25 minutes, in tempera and I think I remember using my fingers for the first time (as a young artist I was pretty conventional: I thought you HAVE to paint with brushes or palette knives…) I like very much the result. It’s a nice little “piece de bravoure”, quite spontaneous and, more than that, which catches the gist of the transylvanian hills sorrounding Sacadate… Some others who saw it liked it too…

How did this “travelled to America” (and in the luggage of an Ambassador no less!) is a different story: my friend, sister Mary Rose Christie (a Sister of Mercy catholic nun), the President and founder of ARAPAMESU (a philantropical Sibiu organisation I’m a founder too) asked me for a painting to give to His Excellency Michael Guest, the (then) Ambassador of the United States in Romania – the year must have been 1996 or 1997, I think – who jus ended his mandate and was returning to the States. Since they have collaborated well (sister Mary and the Ambassador) she wanted to give him something special as a parting gift. And she thought of my paintings. I’ve showed her some and she choose – not a bad eye for paintings, sister Mary! – this one. I don’t know if it was just diplomatic instinct or he really liked the landscape but the Ambassador send her a letter (which I copied somewhere…) thanking her for it…
Transylvanian landscape


5 responses to “The Painting which travelled to America…

  1. Two things to remember:

    never lend a book (you won’t get it back)

    never give away a painting (they don’t know what to do with it)

  2. You already know, cantueso, I’m an original, not to say a exccentric-weird… I don’t do the rational things and let’s say that I would give away some more paintings to Ambassadors… see, I’m slick also: it’s a good marketing move; fterwards you can say your paintings are in the collection of His or Her Excellency the Ambassador of… A honeytrap for snobish collectors… I didn’t catch any, till now, but I’m still hoping… hoping around?

  3. ovidiu stanomir

    “formos estem”…

  4. Koson sepem! Meni hozo kicholabo!

  5. Asta-i to ce stiu, Ovidu, sorry!

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