A new beginning

About ten years ago, my family and I immigrated to Canada. To Québec, to be more precise. The why and the how of this movement it’s a long story and not the object of the present blog. Let’s just say that I thought that we had a better future in Canada than in my native Romania ( and I don’t regret the move…)

I didn’t plan it this way but in fact what happened was that I become a visual artis, a painter. After about 25 years of “pause” I began to study again to become an artist. And I did. Since april 2002, I am, officially, a full-time artist.

It so happens that the artist I am now is  freer, more non-conventional and more spontaneous than the artist I was when I finished my Art Lyceum (high-school) in my native Sibiu, Romania. How come? No ideea… Life just loosened me up, made me more receptive, more “open” than the teenager  full of energy, no doubt, with some drawing skill, probably but also kind of up-tight, the way teenager and young adults can be, sometimes. The “all or nothing” type, you know?

The painting I’m showing you now is one of the first “big” compositions I made as a student at the Sherbrooke University. In acrylics, the new (for me) medium I become so fond of and I’m still using… It’s a 36″ x 24″ acrylic painting on some light board. Of course, it’s not a masterpiece and today I will do it entirely different (maybe I will). But it’s a step in my new life and I do not reject it. There are there, already, some of the themes, some of the subjects and obssessions I ‘m driven by…  The title is something like “The Night of the Dictature” (I was still close and preoccupied of Romanian subjects). I was entering a new world with a new technique and it felt good…

The Night of the Dictature


4 responses to “A new beginning

  1. mihail medrea

    gradina deliciilor imaginare
    gradina imaginara a deliciilor
    vicii sa tot fie, da’ macar sa stim si noi !

  2. Mersi, mm, ca ma compari cu Bosch! (el era cu Gradina deliciilor nu?) Si chestia de mai sus se numea, initia, Noaptea totalitarismului… Sau asa ceva… (ochii si urechile?)

  3. ovidiu stanomir

    nu te compar cu nime’, ca deja esti incomparabil; vorbesc serios, si scriu dupa cum vorbesc…

  4. Parca, parca as fi preferat sa ma compari cu Bosch…da nu-i rau nici asa. Ma bucur sa vad ca esti iar pe baricade si ca nu m-ai uitat…

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