My first painting comission 1999-2000


This two portraits – not very well reproduced, unfortunaltelly- are all that’s left from my first important painting comission: a portrait group of the family of Jocelyne L., a nice lady who was trying to encourage me in my artistical career… The original painting was a 24″ x 36″ acrylics on canvas, that I’ve painted after the photos I took myself of the family: Jocelyne, her chum, her teenage daughter Gaby and her little son & big Danish dog… As far as I remember, everybody (except the “chum”) liked the painting which should be somewhere in Sherbrooke… I also did a Rafael’s Madonna copy for another lady (both worked at a non-gouvernamental organisation called I.D.E.E., who’s aim was to help beginners to start their own businesses…) but that was smaller and not an original, so it doesn’t count, really.

Unfortunatelly, this first painting comission was also the last one, for a very long time… Still, there were nice times – 1999 especially since I still had some money left… – and I was naive and innocent like a virgin concerning Québec and Canada and the capitalistic ways…



4 responses to “My first painting comission 1999-2000

  1. colorserenity

    Her eyes reach out to me. I am instantly touched, wanting to know about this woman’s life. Beautiful work.

  2. Thanks, colorserenity! Even if my color isn’t always serene, you can see some more especially at: This one blog is more chronological and Danu’s Small World is more cosmopolit and somtimes dark…

  3. ovidiu stanomir

    iata o femeie care te cucereste fara sa te nelinisteasca, fiindca “respira” calm si incredere in sine

  4. Da, era buna…VReo 6-7 ani am schimbat felicitari de craciun… acum habar n-am ce mai face… am tot invitat-o pe la expozitiile mele etc. dar n-a catadicsit…

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