April, 2002


The following “acrylic watercolor” – what I mean by that is that I used acrylic colors the same way watercolor are used, and on watercolor paper, a technique I still use, with some ameliorations – is the first work I did as a full-time artist. This was a exilarating time in my life…

I paint this one morning, looking out through m French window, at the woods vis-a-vis my appartment building (I love it there: the forrest was no more than 300-400 m from my balcony, the air was clean and fresh and my ex-wife and two my children were living – still do – at the 4th floor; I was at 2). I felt free and happy because I just took one of the most important decisions in my late life: I was becoming a full-time artist. For the rest of my life, “Coûte que coûte” (whatever the price) I will draw and paint and that’s that. I wouldn’t intend – and keep my promise until now – to go working again in some shitty job, just to pay my bills… I wouldn’t spent my time to get money even if that ment to be poor, “et même dans la dêche” (destitute). I didn’t care and my family had to understand I did all I could for them – in fact, I did brought them, legally, to Canada, and make them Canadian citizens, not a small feat for a Romanian in the nineties…) and it was time to do something for myself too…

In fact, in April, 2002, something important shifted in my mind… I was closing a 3-4 years period in which depression, working odd jobs, mostly as an industrial worker (which I wasn’t neither young enough nor qualified enough to do) and “separating” from my family (as a natural, necessary process, when children get older and sexual drive get a lot less importan) were the main problems.  In the same period I also began and finished studies in fine art, studies which will bring me a Certificate in arts visuels at Sherbrooke University, qualification very important because I would get a better small job, in my field, in September 2002 (teaching artistical expression in a private institution – still work there…)

An accident at the factory I was working 2 years before April, 2002, gave me the opportunity to break the connexion with the odd job and working to pay the bill. I was working on a rubber (plastic?)  injecting 27 tons press machine and I got my right hand caught in the press (the security device did not work properly). It was THEIR fault and I got a pretty bad burned right hand (the few seconds in a “vise” of 250 degrees Celcius could do a lot of harm to your hand even if you had 3 pair of protecting gloves… Fortunatelly, I didn’t have my hand cruched, only burned and so, after a month or two of medical leave a got a permanent leave with about 12 months medical pay… The neccesary surviving time to finish my art studies and to begin my “career” as a full-time artist…

I don,t know if this small watercolor acrylic (or viceversa) can convey to you all the joy I had – no matter my hand etc. – to know that it was finished. I didn’t want and I will not trade my precious and unique time for money to pay the bills. To hell with them! It was a new beginning, a new life I’ve started that April morning. Et ça continue… 


6 responses to “April, 2002

  1. This is a beautiful water colour. I have already seen in your text that it is NOT water colour, but I have not read it yet, because I am in a hurry, and so I took a copy to read in my laptop. The frame is a bit sinister. These are birches, aren’t they? Those have small leaves that flutter in the wind, deflect the light and let lots of sunlight through.

  2. ???????????

    Is the title of this post April 20 2002?

    Or did I again get lost in one of your mazes.

    And if it is a title, well, then, what shall I say?

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!! and you have still not deleted that “fishing between the waters of philosophy and religion” that you attached to my name.

    It is not possible to fish BETWEEN any waters.

  4. cantueso, here it is:

    1. I’ve changed the blogroll presentation of your site (didn’t have any inspiration today so I just let it simple…);

    2. Yes, the title is April, 2002: it the time I’ve become full-time artist. This being a chronological presentation of my illustrious career…

    3. It’s not incorrect to call a painting executed in acrylics a “watercolor” if the artist uses acrylics in a diluted, transparent layer of color (or layers, usually they are more than one). I usually use acrylics AND watercolor. There are colors, nuances you can have in the watercolor colors but not in the acrylic ones…

  5. mihail medrea

    oi fi eu anacronic (sau poate acronimic, si nu-mi dau seama) insa asemenea subiecte / si maniere mai rafinate de a le picta / sunt pe gustul meu;

    multzamescu-ti foarte, DaNule !

  6. Ma bucur ca din cand in cand itzi pot face placere. Placerile sunt destul de rare, in zilele astea, si in general, ori ingrasa, ori fac rau la inima. Cele inocente, ca privitul unui tablou insa, chiar daca placerea nu e asa intensa, macar nu face rau…

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