Little monsters

little monsters 

In 1999-2000 (I think) I’ve followed an etching course at the Bishop’s University. The plan was to complete a BFI (Bachelor in Fine Arts)… It didn’t work finally that way (I was too old and too tired to be a student again; more than that, it’s not for free…) but I’ve learned how to make an aquaforte, an aquatinta, etc. The teacher was a very good one (she came from Montreal) and I regret to say I do not remember her name… She did tell me I have some gift for engraving and was very encouraging (in which she made a big contrast with the bastard – a mean, envious bastard – who taught drawing…)

Vincent Van Gogh is supposed to have done one single engraving in his life (a portrait of dr. Gachet…but B. Landais, in a book called “L’affaire Gachet” says – and I have to confess he was pretty convincing! – that, in fact, the engraving, as some of the “Van Gogh” Paul Gachet jr. had donated to the Louvre in 1954, aren’t painted by Vincent but by the good doctor Gachet OR by his son…)  Me, I’ve done two etching, a aquaforte and this one, a small aquatinta… Both have as subjects monsters. This one’s “monsters” are little… Then, just as these days, I was pretty much depressed… I try to get out of it writing & painting… I cannot hope you’ll LIKE it. But I still hope you’ll be interested…


2 responses to “Little monsters

  1. mihail medrea

    astia-s “piticii” dintre creierul mare si ala micu’…

  2. Poate…desi daca te uitzi la forma (din profil) si la chestia paroasa dinspre jos sunt mai curand acolo unde sunt de obicei: in burta mamei lor. Sorry pentru vulgaritate (sau cruzime). Asta e.

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