Flying, in dreams…


Does your dreams influence you? Do you believe in dreams? Do you dream? If you answer yes at least once, maybe this will interest you… Of course, I do not speak about pipe-dreams, day-dreaming, etc. I really mean what happens when you sleep and when your Inconscient takes over and begins to talk to you. For me, it’s usually images, ridding one over the other, colors and movements. Sounds are muted or inexistent in my dreams… Would you say it’s a good thing to dream a mummy-like black figure comming at you with a cloack over her/his head and veil-like in dark burnt omber and blue marine? Or it’s better to dream of a beautiful, dark skinned yound lady, flying among other flying creatures, mostly birds? Both happend to me. I prefer this one, for sure, even if it’s kind of old – 1999-2000 I think, before I started to paint with acrylic inks and watercolors. Today, I would do it differently… Still, this blog of mine is an almost chronological presentation of some of my works, so…

By the way, there is a superb movie called “In Dreams”, directed by Neil Jordan (I think it’s named after Roy Orbison song; it’s really weird how songs which are almost too sweet gain a bizarre and even sinister quality in films – another classic example would be “Blue Velvet”, David Lynch‘s movie…) with Robert Downey Jr. and Annette Bening and Aidan Quinn, a psicho-thriller so beautifully done (image and acting and music) that becomes almost a poem... a painful to watch but enchanting poem, the essence of what an art movie should be… It stays with you a long time after you’ve seen it, the images are haunting and the music obsessing… My little dream is almost meek comparatively…


13 responses to “Flying, in dreams…

  1. Just in case you don’t see it on my blog, here is a copy of the answer I wrote you there.

    “A zero. Danu’s Walmart X-mas Philosophy Reflection reflects conceivably the way things are, but most decidedly it is not the way things are seen, experienced, dealt with. Obviously not. So what is it?

    I’d rather not spell it out.”

  2. It is a pity that on your people never have good feet, and some of the nudes the legs simply end in something that looks vaguely like a paint brush. I think you should do some hand and feet studies. I realize that these are just sketches, and you are after movement, but if there are no hands and feet the movement seems as if to peter out, fizzle out, taper off.

  3. mihail medrea


  4. daca vrei, da, pasarile…in toate sensurile…

  5. @Cantueso: It is a pity that your body has not a good head on your beautifully coloured avatar…
    I realise that this is just a stylisation, but if there is no head, the words coming out of your brain seem as if to peter out, fizzle out, taper off.

  6. Sorry Danu, you can delete this comment if you like, but I am angry at Cantueso right now and can´t let her words go through without comment.

  7. Miki, I try to keep up with the promise I made to mysel: never delete a comment (if not evidently a spam or advertisement for enlarging things…). So, this will be between you and cantueso (who’s very able to defend herself;beware!) And thanks a lot for being partial to me… I really appreciate it!

  8. I know Cantueso´s fighting´s art, which is much more from the attacking sort than from the defending one! I have nothing against her fighting, I just don´t like her choice of weapons.
    I agree with you about no deleting comments, I promised myself the same.
    I was partial to you because I really appreciate YOU and YOUR ART. I find incredible that somebody dares telling you to make studies of hands and feet… I am REALLY deeply shocked about that.

  9. Don’t be, miki, it doesn’t matter (and some studies of feet and hands could do me good, really!) and you know that la réciproque est valable, n’est pas?
    Sometimes I do wish to draw more and more frequently! (I do it but not as much as I used to… and it gave me great pleasure; I have to start again drawing every day, a few hours… So many lost hours, anyway, with all kind of futile, stressing stuff – oh, family matters, etc – in which I cannot make, really, a difference. )

  10. margotmarrakesh

    Well brought-up people know that, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.”

    Why someone would go on various blogs and proceed to criticize them is beyond me. Perhaps they are angry, vindictive, jealous, or just like see if they can “get a rise” out other people. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism has a place. This is not constructive criticism. If something is not constructive, why leave it? It just creates negativity. I certainly don’t feel obliged never to delete anything, but in reality, I’ve only ever felt the need to do so once!

    If someone is not impressed with another’s blog, all they have to do is not visit it anymore!

    Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic

  11. Well, thanks Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic! Did you see the movie with Margot, la reine? Great film, superbe Isabelle Adjani and even great music (Goran Bregovic)!

    Thanks for your visit.

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  13. Multzam de poem si de vizita, AG!

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