Deux paires de fesses

I cannot translate this so that it keeps the sonority it has in French… Anyway, a friend of mine has this theory that even women prefer to draw other women. Not to mention men – I mean straight men… So, here they are: “deux paires de fesses”, which I choose for this post because their are, let’s face it, beautiful… Even when you are no longer young – maybe especially then:there are some illustrious examples, like Solomon, the King – the splendid curves of a woman’s body are just that: splendid. Gives you the desire to live longer, to draw more, to paint again some… I cannot NOT mention here the Death of Sardanapal by Eugène Délacroix…the sketches for this monumental composition are simply great…Or Degas’ pastels of women “bathing, combing their hair, etc.” But you’ll have to content yourself with my drawing, for now…

Two paires de fesses


4 responses to “Deux paires de fesses

  1. ovidiu stanomir

    Gabrielle, bat-o norocul!…

  2. Ne,neh, neh! crezi ca numai Gabrielle are fese? astea-s fesele lui Karin (cred…)

  3. mihail medrea

    Karin face… fese-fese

  4. Buna, buna… o s-o tzin minte… Cred ca tzi-am forwardat niste fese-fetse… Urmeaza o pasarica… toate de la un aminc din Israel…

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