Depression drawing

When you are depressed AND a visual artist, if you don’t draw, paint or do something creative (as Graham Greene said it so well!) you (can) die… Creative work can (some kind of magically) take off the lead in your wings and let you fly… That often what you create is a little bizarre, weird, wild, well… bad things, bad feelings, HAVE to go somewhere… Doesn’t mean they – your depressed soul creations – cannot be interesting or expressive. Here it is a sample: the date is quite visible. I can of like it for the brute, wild energy of the drawing… I hope it wouldn’t depress you too much…

weird nude


14 responses to “Depression drawing

  1. aveimperium

    Hello. I really enjoy your posts and since my blog also focuses on art I just wanted to let you know that I added you to my blogroll.

    I also feel that depression can fuel creativity, since that’s where most of my work stems. I’ve often debated on going on anti-depressants because even though I may feel better I’m afraid of what I’d lose artistically.

  2. I love this work…powerful!!

    BTW: just say no! i think most people, especially artists, are better going for a walk, getting some sun, and taking vitamins. Amino’s and a Mg fizz fixed my issue in a good way.

  3. Thanks, aveimperium! (please give me the link to your page; just clicking on your avatar doesn’t work…) I tell you something: at the heights of my depression – mid-life depression, nothing special, just getting conscient of getting old and the kids getting adults and so on – I took some Zoloft and stuff. But finally, my medication was drawing and painting and now I get over my depression fits just with a pencil, pen or brush. Ok, a 1/2 of clonazepan at night to sleep…

  4. Thanks, fotokew! I looked at some of your photos and really likes some of them! (it was one especially, with rust and red fallen leaves…)

    My issues were life fixed (some…some are unfixable: like getting old, the kids getting also older and leaving the nest etc.)… Some Mg would do me good also… Thanks for the visit.

  5. ovidiu stanomir

    nu dispera, si nu avea teama !

    viata bate filmul, mai totdeauna… iar daca filmul e “fara cascadori”, e undeva, Acolo Sus, cineva care sa te dubleze !

  6. Culmea sti care e Ovidiu? Azi 06 12 am avut un nr record de hituri/vizitatiri : 178 ! Nu s-a mai intamplat niciodata si habar n-am de ce acum! Nu mai intzeleg nimic! Si de ce sa am teama? ca mai mult decat sa mor n-are ce mi se intampla…

  7. Danu, I wonder how could this bold drawing possibly _depress_ anyone?! I really like it a lot. Also, as you know, I am not a professional artist, but now I’m thinking again (thanks in large part to you!) that some creative work – drawing or photography – might be useful for me, a form of “therapy”, as well I might re-discover some of my long-ago art-related plans… (BTW, I don’t feel too depressed now, in fact some anti-depressant medication has cleared my mind without removing my “personality” in other ways… But I think I must still be depressed on some level because, well, I avoid communicating with friends, and not sure why I do this….) As always, I enjoy all 3 of your blogs – keep up the excellent work! Not only your art, Danu, but your example encourages others in ways you might not even be aware of…. Thanks 🙂

  8. mihail medrea

    Dane, nu moartea e cel mai infricosator lucru ce ti se poate intimpla. Singuratatea sau frica, de exemplu…

  9. Do not excuse yourself, D! I see on the sitemeter location that you visit my blogspot blog and now this one… Hope you enjoy some of the posts… Glad to hear you are a bit better – depression is a bitch! and largely underestimated! I know. But what we can do but try to fight it? and creation – writing, painting, whatever – helps a lot. I wish I have the energy to study the corelation I’ve mentionned between depression and creation… Try to find out if it`s true for others too… keep visit me and I’ll try to keep writing and drawing…

  10. I love what you say here about an artist needin to express that depression through art in order to be uplifted from the dark state. And there is definitely a raw power in the drawing which speaks of Truth.

  11. I discovered that the hard way, susan! (Maybe others have discovered it a lot sooner but for me it was just the right way to let go vapors which started to be poisonous…) Thanks for visiting, I appreciate it a lot…

  12. You’re so very right! Creative work really helps a lot when you feel depressed. I usually write and I have been doing it for more than 20 years. I started at the age of 18. First because you’re too shy to “talk”; then because you start to open yourself to others, but it seems that nobody really listens to you… “What? She talks?! She used to be the one who only listens to… And they just kept on talking! And my voice was always too low or I simply gave up!
    Later… and because your life changes, you start being really hurt and you need to understand why these things happen to you…Because it’s all so unfair! And writing seems to be both your supreme voice… and listener, at the same time. Then therapy through writing starts. Although it’s not enough. It’s never enough.
    Looking at your drawing is like looking at myself . At my mind and soul, sometimes, when I feel so completely broken inside. And when I feel that “only pain is real.”
    I have no idea why you chose a woman to portray that “pain”… But most probably: a) you prefer to draw women; b) women tend to suffer more and feel more depressed than men.

    Loved the drawing! It didn’t make me feel depressed. Once you learn to live with it, it isn’t a drawing that makes you feel worse. And, definitely, not one like this!
    Then, when you’re an art lover, you learn to live with different kinds of expressions. And painting (also drawing) and music come shortly after writing. And in the “sea” of feelings and of their expressions is where you really can swim!!!
    Yours “depressing drawing” has this catharsis effect, not only on you, but also on us (at least, on me!).

    Thank you for the good work!
    May your sensitivity be blessed!

  13. nici mie nu mi-e frica Ioane. Barca trece si ne ia pe toti….Trebuie sa o asteptam cu privirea in volburile adanci…

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