Montreal landscape

I’ve painted 2-3 landscapes having Montreal as a aubject…this is one of them. My feelings toward Montreal are mixed – well mixted and unclear, like a muddy water… I’m attracted – like a fly is attracted to the sweet paper where she will glue her wings – and I’m afraid and rejected… I don’t like big cities. I abhore multitudes of people of all kind. I’m shy. I know there are a lot of art galleries and probably a lot of rich people out there, who could, eventually, like and even buy my paintings… But I have no car, for the moment, and I feel like Jack Lemon and his wife coming to New York… It’s a metropolis, a big city who asks for capabilities I have not: speed, slickness, debrouillardise… I’m not mentally handicaped but I feel like one in Montreal’s traffic… It scares the hell out of me… It’s stupid, I know. But I cannot help this: I’m a little town guy, at most a medium town guy… But there are interesting colors and there are interesting forms to paint in this city. I even heard they have a Promenade des artistes… I chose to paint the roofs of Montreal, probably  because there is no traffic there… except for the birds… and I love birds…

Montreal roofs


3 responses to “Montreal landscape

  1. It’s a beautiful painting

  2. colorserenity

    I love your use of color! I am putting you in my blogroll. I definately want to keep an eye on your work. 🙂


  3. Thanks, good people! It’s a great joy to see people you don’t know and who cannot have any reason to just flatter you find some pleasure in your work!

    I’ll be honored, colorserenity, to be in your blogroll!

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