Another Montreal Landscape

This one is a landscape I do not have anymore. I’ve painted it in acrylics, in 2001 or 2002, at the height of my mid-life depression, when everything was going down the drain… my family, my credit, my everything… Even my only friend I thought I have, Florin M. He was good to me, he helped me, as long as he thought I had a hope of going up again… I cannot condamn him… At the time, I really was hopeless… Very, very close to that edge… you know, THAT edge… I gave my friend Florin this painting and I only can hope he still have it and still thinks, here and there, to our friendship and to life in general. Because life isn’t really choosy… it gets to everybody, sooner or later. Sooner of later you look IT in the eyes and, if you are lucky, you get back and start again. You write, you draw, you paint or compose music, whatever “to escape the madness, the melancholia, the panic fear which is inherent in the human situation”Graham Greene said it, in his autobiography “Ways of Escape”... Since I’m writing (and drawing and painting) I must be one of the lucky ones….

Montreal bay at night


4 responses to “Another Montreal Landscape

  1. Lovely stuff…I see resonations of “Starry Nights”, the world swirling about, afterimages of lingering light….

    Keep up the great work…

  2. Yes, I also see the resonances of Starry Night, and also some Chagall works I have seen… This work is indeed intense and beautiful, Danu! Earlier I sent a note about the other Montreal landscape, I so admire your use of color – but I think I pushed the wrong button to submit the comment – so it applies to both these landscapes. Something else I see , not be too “metaforic” but in many of your paintings with darkness in the landscape there is also the glimmering, sparkling brightness, kind of like “light at the end of the tunnel”, somehow very hopeful!

  3. ovidiu stanomir

    America, America / La multzi ficiori de tin’ li-i frica…

  4. Thanks Cliff and Debora and Ovidiu! I will answer each of you a bit latter, today being a busy day…

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