Why Do I love Horses?

Maybe I was breastfed this love… I’m not sure that’s actually possible but my mother was a horse-lover: before marrying my father she did actually ride horses, as a sport… She treasured and I still well remember a photo of her, with riding boots and riding pants and all, with her preferred mare, a white one, with grey and black spots (about as beautiful as the mare I’m showing you above)…


My father was probably a bit scared by horses (he wasn’t in fact comfortable with ANY animal, possibly because of his poor, father-orphaned childhood in the countryside…) but I was more on my mother side: horses where always a part of my life (episodically, but present). My first 15 years of life 100 m away from the Cibin river contributed to that. There were still “carutzash” (men who extracted sand for construction from the river; they were driving their horses (usually two) and their carts into the river and simply loaded the wet sand from the bottom… I was often wakened up in the summer mornings by the incentive calls with which they drove the horses up from the river…

There were then a lot of horses (not the race type but still, horses…) in the Cibin market, not more then 10 minutes walk from my place. I’ve drawn a lot of them, cart horses, some old and tired, during my apprenticeship years… I’ve discovered latter the race thrillers written by Dick Francis (I still re-read them with immense pleasure, especially some like Up to the Hilt and another 2 or 3 having as hero a painter AND a horse (race) lover…) Of course, the beauty of these animals (them and the dolphins!) justify in itself the love so many great artists had for horses. Délacroix and Géricault, Degas and Manet, Monet and Toulouse-Lautrec (but Rubens too)…

So here it is a 2002 painting of two horses, in an autumn early morning. It’s also one of the first experiments I did, retouching with white ink…

Early morning


4 responses to “Why Do I love Horses?

  1. How’s this for a present, Danu? “The great Cardinal Ippolito de’ Medici loved [Michelangelo] dearly,” says Vasari, “and on one occasion, having heard that a beautiful Arab horse of his had taken Michelangelo’s fancy, he sent it to him as a gift, along with ten mules laden with fodder with a groom to look after it.”

  2. That’s a present! Unfortunatelly, artist don’t get patrons any more (not THAT kind anyway…) and the presents (like 12 milions usd ) are for bitches… What a world we live in, eh?

  3. ovidiu stanomir

    “Pe cai, ostasi !” “Nu mai avem cai, Maria Ta…” Atunci…, pe curind !”

  4. Pe curand, dah…La anu si la multzi ani…poate…

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