December 2001

When I remember that time it’s kind of blurry… A lot of new pain, the self realisation that I’m going to be soon old and sick (just discovered I had the diabethes) and very probably neither rich nor famous, the growing up of the children, teenagers now, each of them with his own life and problems, a physical job which payed some bills but gave me no satisfaction… In a word: mid-life crysis. So called mid-life because I knew it then and I know it even more clearly now, I was way over the middle of my life, 3/4 gone or more… When you are 25-30 you don’t think a lot of death and old age and misery. But when you are 45-50, well, it begins to enter your skull the fact that you are far from being immortal. That, in fact, nobody is immortal, not even your children… Everyone has his “technique” to cope with this (if you don’t want to commit suicide or worse you have to came to a solution…). Mine was to draw. I’ve drawn a lot those days. I was drawing all my free moments… with pens and pencils, with brushes and Conte pencil. On paper and board, on every surface I could use and had at hand… Since I did not neither commit suicide, nor become a mass murderer, it worked… I hope it will still works…this is just a random sample of my draftsmanmania…and yes, a lot of the bizarre drawings and paintings I’ve produced during that time were erotical or sex related… the swan last song? maybe… Nude drawing

9 responses to “December 2001

  1. It’s all very temporary, isn’t it. The kids are only ours on loan, and even our lives are a gift with an expiration date. I just think we have to treasure every bit of it, Ion. Our mortality is alway staring at us, reminding us that the clock is ticking, and there’s much to do! I get so angry at myself when I get depressed (as I have been lately), because I feel like I’m squandering my time.

    The sketch is so beautiful, it has a bit of an R Crumb quality to it.

    I really, really hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I’m so glad for the comments we’ve shared on our blogs, and look forward to more discussions in the new year!

  2. You are absolutely right (and you say it very well, very poignant). Myself, I try not to get angry (not always possible with my elder son) but yes, I sense also the pression of time. To do something valid before my term expire… Sorry to hear that you too were depressed. sometimes it cannot be helped…and you have to do the Bukowski treatment: just lay in bed until it passes… For me too (maybe even more, because I don’t have many friends…) the blog sharing and comments exchanging with you are a very nice and rare part of my life. I hope for you and your family Happy Holidays and espcially a year 2008 in health and prosperity.

  3. I do think that art is often an attempt at living on. Of course it won’t work. Eventually (and this come way too quickly) all indications of our existence will be gone. Don’t think in terms of 100’s of years think millions. That time too will pass and this drawing of the sexy lady better be on some very premanent paper.

    I think an interesting question is how long would you choose to live. You better not say forever as you would be very lonely when everyone else died.

    On that uplifting note, let’s forget about dying and have a fabulous New Year.

  4. Let’s, Bill, let’s… (I mean forget about dying etc.)

    I think we have very similar views (some would say pessimistical but then, what can you do if the evidence of all that is THERE, in your eyes ?)

    And no, it’s not a very permanent paper. At the time I din,t care much about permanence and duration and even if I would I wouldn’t have the money to buy archival quality stuff. Mine was more Dollarrama paper… Now I try to be more careful, at least with my watercolors and aqrilics…

    A friend of mine said to me you have to search for archival quality in the CDs and DVDs (I thought they will last, at least…) It seems you have to buy stuff like golden platted CD-s and DVDs if you want you digital stuff to last… dust to dust…

  5. Draga Danu

    Mie imi pari foarte prolific. 100 de tablouri pe an inseamna cam unul la trei zile. E greu. NU cred ca trebui sa te plangi ci din contra, poti fi mindru! Mai ales ca faci picturi bune.

    Wishing you a Happy and Prolific 2008!


  6. Thanks and multzumesc, Rafi! Si-tzi doresc si eu toate cele bune, tzie si familiei, in 2008 si mai departe… Nu, nu e prea mult 100 de picturi (si desene)… In 2006 I had recorded in my book of the year 394 paintings and drawings (and I only record those who are – at least – good, not everything I do). So, you see…

  7. ovidiu stanomir

    “Dane, nu conteaza numarul (anilor, doar al banilor; nici numarul pozitiei, ci performanta, si nici macar atit, caci, vorba Apostolului: “Daca iubire nu e, nimic nu e!”), conteaza doar rezultatul, zise amicul, ca sa se afle-n treaba…

  8. Ma bucur ca te afli in treaba, mon ami! Ce conteaza numai Al de Sus mai stiu ca eu am constatat ca iubirea (daca include si cea de prunci etc.) numai suferintza – sau aproape – itzi aduce… si dragostea, dulcea dragoste pentru muieri, de ex., tot plina de pelin e… Poate iubirea de Dumnezeu sa fie altfel…

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