The last one – the first one…

This is the painting which ended 2007. And since is not entirely finished (I may do some changes to it as it is my bad ? habit) this is also the painting with which I started the new year… I called it “El Muerte – la maja desnuda” because I use some of Velasquez only known nude as an excerpt… It’s an acrylic on canvas (14′ x 18′) and I’ve painted it with long intermissions…

Since this one will my only blog from now on, I’ll alternate my old stuff (I will still try to present it chronologically) with the last things I do. 2007 wasn’t my best year: only 100 drawings and paintings in my catalogue, about 1/4 of what I did in 2006 and even less than 2005…I hope it’s not a permanent trend. But then, I get old and tired (as everybody else – but after 50 it’s more evident)… Today, I’ve read in one of Robert Genn’s newsletters an excerpt from Picasso which (the excerpt) puzzled me. He said: “Titian, Rembrandt and Goya are painters. I’m just a clown.” And I was wondering what I am myself: not even a clown…

But then, not everybody can be Titian, Rembrandt, Goya, Van Gogh OR Picasso… Maybe there is a place, in this wide world, which could be mine… I don’t really know…


Celui-ci c’est la dernière peinture de 2007 et la première de 2008 (étant donné que j’ai la mauvaise habitude de repeindre, à des long ou des courts intervals, selon ma disposition…) Je l’ai appellé El Muerte – la maja desnuda, parce que il y a dedans une citation de l’unique nu connu de Velasquez… C’est une toile de 14 x 18 pouces et, bien sur, une peints à l’acrylique.

Comme ce blog sera mon unique blogue, je vais alterner mes anciens dessins et peintures (que je vais éssayer toujours de présenter dans un ordre cronologique) et mes plus récentes créations. L’année 2007 n’a pas été un bonne année pour moi: 100 dessins et peintures dans mon catalogue de l’année… approximativement 1/4 de ce que j’ai peint en 2006 et encore moins qu’en 2005… J’espére que ce n’est pas une tendence durable, celui-ci… enfin, je sais, on vieillit et on se fatigue plus vite après 50 ans… J’ai lu aujourd’hui une chose qui m’a intrigué, dans le newsletter de Robert Genn : une citation de Picasso, qui semble avoir dit que Titian, Rembrandt et Goya étaient des peintres et que lui, il n’était qu’un clown… Je me dis alor que moi je suis encore moins qu’un clown… C’est vrai, pas toute le monde peut être Titian, Rembrandt, Goya, Van Gogh OU Picasso. Mais, peut-être, il y reste, dans cette large monde, un petit endroit pour moi aussi? Pas très sure…Enfin.


Aceasta e ultima pictura din  2007. Si probabil prima din 2008, avand în vedere prostul ? meu obicei de a re-picta tablouri considerate, initzial, ca terminate… E o pictura pe panza, de 14 x 18 inch, acrilica desigur.

Cum prezentul va fi unicul meu blog, voi alterna pe el operele mele mai vechi (incercand sa ma tzin de cuvant si sa le prezint oarecum cronologic) cu ultimele mele creatzii… Anul 2007 n-a fost bun pentru mine: n-am pictat si desenat decat 100 de desene si picturi, cam un sfert din ce am facut in 2006 si înca si mai putzin decât în 2005… Dar asta e, îmbatranesc, ca toata lumea si energia mea nu mai e ce-a fost. Dupa 50 de ani  asa se întampla… Sper ca nu e tendintza durabila, totusi…

Azi am citit ceva interesant in ultima scrisoare a lui Robert Genn
Il cita pe Picasso care, la un moment dat, ar fi spus (cu o modestie care nu-l caracterizeaza, in general) ca Titian, Rembrandt si Goya sunt pictori, el nefiind decat un clown. Si ma intrebam, daca el e un clown, ce sunt eu? Nici macar un clown, evident… e drept ca nu toata lumea poate fi un Titian, un Rembrandt, un Goya, un Van Gogh sau un Picasso… Poate ca in toate lumea asta larga exista si un locsor pentru mine? Nu-s prea sigur dar… cine stie?

El Muerta la maja desnuda


7 responses to “The last one – the first one…

  1. leahwatson

    I like your painting. Stop doubting yourself.

  2. The colors, the images– all beautiful.

    You are no clown. You are a gifted artist, and a warm, unique person. Coming across your blog and interacting with you was one of my best gifts in 2007, and I wish you a joyous and prosperous 2008.

    Be happy, Danu!

  3. Well, thank you very much for giving me courage, leahwatson! But a little doubting of him or herself does some good…it prevent arrogance and that’s a sin I wouldn,t have for myself…

  4. I can say all that about you too, moonbeam, and, you know, I do not always comment on your blog (sometimes there are so manny comments!) but I always enjoy reading it. It gives me more power to confront the problems and it gives me pleasure, intelectual pleasure. who can ask for more? I hope 2008 will be better for you and for me. and for ours…

  5. Toata lumea stie Descartes, “Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum” [I doubt, therefore I think, therefor I am], dar parafraza/lozinca al deborei este: Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo dubito, dubito, dubito….” Asa, vad acest comentariu de la tine, Danu, cu niste ironie si autoironie… Sure, a bit of self-doubt is useful, but I have to smile at the the thought of you ever being “arrogant” – Nu se poate!! 🙂

    Three blogs must be a lot of work, so your decision to have just one blog might have some wisdom and prevent scattering your energies.

    But I have to say, “in my Expert opinion”, I concur absolutely with moombeammcqueen, Danu you are certainly no clown, nu esti ridicol sau, mai ales, nu esti un tampit. Nu numia ai arta extraordinar, draga Danu, ci si ai o inima extraordinar (Si a avea inima, e, si a avea durere si indoiala).

    You have a lot of talent, and a delightful, complex soul. Keep up the struggle, there are many who appreciate your work and care for you! Fara indoiala!

  6. I does me a lot of good, you know, D, your good opinion of me! And, knowing you a bit, superficially, of course, I’d say you understand very well the doubting part (which, in your case also, is not entirely justifiable: your heart is a lot bigger than mine! and probably the intelligence too…) and I can be an arrogant SOB! (rarely, but it could happen and then I really hate myself because arrogance is, from my standpoint, a capital sin (of course, it is also from the religion point of view – one of the seven sins, Pride, isn’t it?) And I certainly hope you are right!

  7. ovidiu stanomir

    tanti moartea sta cu curu’ la noi. sa-i fie… tzarina cit mai grea, sa ne dea pace, ca-n Ivan Turbinca !

    despre desen, nimic de zis, fundul muierii e de mingaiat, masca mortuara e de scuipat in sin. toate la vremea lor..

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