Dreaming Ioana

This is a drawing from 1999: we were still freshly immigrated in Quebec, Canada, about one year… My daughter still posed for me, when she was sleepy, with her teddybear… No harships yet, still some money left from Romania. Good, bucolic times… I thought it will be easy to earn a living, with my multiple skills and charming personality (ha!), the children dind’t have the time to get bored or at least used to the new country… Everything was still new and shining. I had a white Chrysler Le Baron, super équipé, which did not start yet to break, my hopes were, I thought, unbreakable and I was following all sort of training courses: how to open a business, how to get a loan, blah-blah-blah… I thought Canadians were all honest and hard working, crime contained and the future bright. I’m much more realistical these days but I will tell one thing: je ne regrette rien, rien de rien! I wish I sing that to you, like Edith Piaf, but I’m afraid I sing a lot worst than I draw. So, I’ll do my thing, show you a drawing…

Dreamy Ioana

And, by the way, my girl will have very soon 19! Happy Birthday, Ioana!


4 responses to “Dreaming Ioana

  1. ovidiu stanomir

    “Trece lebada pe ape,
    Intre salcii sa se culce,
    Fie-ti ingerii aproape,
    Somnul dulce, somnul dulce !”

  2. Ce somn dulce, mai Ovidiu, ca azi e ziua ei (19!) si are planul s-o mazileasca pe Norica la mine ca sa-i traga un dezmatz! (glumesc…sper)

  3. La multi ani pentru fiica ta Ioana, astazi 3 ianuarie! She was, and is, beautiful (I have seen some of your other drawings and phiotos of her, Danu, not only this lovely drawing!)

    My wish for Ioana (and for you, her Dad) is to have a realistic but wonderful year – success, health, and to share even the rare moments of happiness.

    The drawing, and her age, reminds me of something, I hope a personal anecdote is OK here… When I was a child, my Dad was not an artist but he had a photo-camera store and did portrait photography. Always, always, he was doing photos of me… As teenager, though, I resisted this and I did not get along well with Dad (to say the very least!) And his small business failed, too, from competition of chain-stores and malls with the smaller “Main Street” type shops, as his… But life went on… And the year when I was 19, I began to again appreciate my father, and even sometimes to express this in positive ways to him, “mai bine intarziat decat niciodata”… Now, 43 years later, all those family photos done so lovingly by my dad are among my most valued posessions and dearest memories…

    So my wish also for Ioana, at 19, is maybe that she also realize the love of family and how priceless it is… I hear it said, so often, that teenage years “are the best years of our lives” but that’s usually not true at all, it is more (imo) the years of pain and confusion… but moving into full adulthood, sometimes comes more peace of mind.

    Inca odata, a happy birthday to Ioana, and the best in life to all your family!

  4. Thanks very much, D, for your kind words and for your wishes for Ioana (I will relay them) and also for the “anecdote”… I can feel the regret, the nostalgia and certainly hope that one day she will understand better… probably when she will have children of her own? Anyway, you are perfectly right about the “best” years! You have to see the movie called “Kids”! I never saw such an atrociously true movie! simply awful… But you don’t HAVE to see it if you are not obliged to; I wouldn’t see it again but straped in a force camisole and gagged!

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