Bad / Méchant / Rautacios

Modern womanIt doesn happen too often but it does: sometimes I’m bad. I hope no nice woman will tag me as a male chauvinist pig for this 2001 cartoon/drawing. My inspiration came from real life, that’s my excuse…and I was bad with the cat and with the kid too…  Ion Vincent Danu


Ça ne m’arrive pas trèes souvent mais ça m’arrive: je suis, des fois, un peu méchant… J’espére que aucune bonne femme ne vas pas me considèrer comme un cochon misogin à cause de cette caricature/dessin de 2001. Je me suis inspiré de la réalité, c’est ma seule excuse… et j’ai été méchant avec le chat et l’enfant aussi… Ion Vincent Danu


Nu mi se intampla prea des dar mi se intampla: sunt rautacios, uneori. Sper ca nici o femeie cumsecade nu ma va considera un magar misogin pentru aceasta caricatura/desin din 2001. Singura mea scuza e ca m-am inspirat din realitate si ca am fost rautacios si cu pisica, si cu tâncul…

Ion Vincent Danu


5 responses to “Bad / Méchant / Rautacios

  1. I had to sign my name (pen name and copyright name) in order to discourage a bit some persons whom are taking my posts and publish them as theirs (anyway, without mentionning my name; and the link they give only gives you a 404 or 405 error of some kind… sorry, it,s not megalomania.

  2. Fara fals modestie 🙂 I am a nice woman and I will not tag you as any sort of male chauvinist pig for this cartoon drawing. Reality “is what it is”… On the other hand, why were so bad with that poor little cat? :-))))))

  3. I will not discriminate the poor animal, will I? (In fact, I like cats very much…) But they are usually very very hard to draw, when they are not asleep…

  4. ovidiu stanomir

    fiecare se defuleaza cum poate… chestia e ca tu, aici, iti faci publica defularea. de ce? un plus de malitzie? sfidare? rasfatz? joaca de-a… joaca? cite putin din toate acestea si inca altele pe deasupra? caci dedesuptul acestei “rautati” se ascunde o “tristetze iremediabila”…

  5. Na, ca m-ai descifrat mai ceva ca psichiatrul! Asa e Ovidiu, e si multa tristetze pe aici dar nu stiu daca e iremediabila… O cadana complezenta si o geanta de parai ar putea sa ma inveseleasca oarece. Si un ocean-doua intre mine si problemele mele…

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