The pilgrimage / Le pèlerinage/ Pelerinajul

Cilik Dere

In the summer 1997, before immigrating to Quebec, I did a pilgrimage with almost all my family (my elder son preferred to stay at home) to some of the old monasteries in the south, south est part of Romania. Especially, the Dobrodgea monasteries. I’m not very religious myself but my wife is. And my middle son and little daughter went for the adventure of it… It really was an adventure…

This is a painting (small on: only 8′ x 10′) I did after a photo I took at Cilik-Dere, a nun monastery, isolated somewhere in the oak forest hills near Babadag. A bucolic site, extraordinary quiet (nothing except the wind and the birds, a place for meditation and sin redemption… I.V. Danu ———————————

À l’été 1997, avant d’immigrer au Québec, j’ai faite un pèlerinage avec presque toute ma famille (seulement mon fils ainé a préféré rester à la maison) au monastèrs du sud, sud-est de la Roumanie. Surtout au monastères de Dobrodgea. Personnellement, je ne suis trop religieux mais ma femme, elle l’est. Mon cadet et ma petite fille venaient pour l’aventure…et l’aventure a été.

Cette peinture (8 x 10 po) est réalisé d’après une photo que j’ai pris à Cilik-Deré, une monastère pour religieuses, isolée quelque part sur les collines couverts de chênes, près de Babadag. Un lieu bucolique, très très tranquile (en éntendait seulement le vent et les oiseaux), un site très bon pour la méditation et la rédemption des pêches… I.V.Danu


In vare lui 1997, in anul dinaintea imigrarii in Québec, am facut un pelerinaj la manastirile din Dobrogea cu aproape intreaga familie (doar fiul meu mai mare a ramas acasa, cu filmele lui). Personal, nu sunt excesiv de religios dar nevasta-mea este. Cât despre fiu-meu mijlociu si fiica-mea, aventura i-a tentat. Si aventura a fost, intr-adevar…

Pictura asta, nu prea mare, 8′ x 10′ inch, am facut-o prin 2002, dupa o fotografia luata atunci la Cilik-Deré, o manastire de maici, ascunsa printre dealuri impadurite cu stejar. Un loc cu adevarat bucolic, de o liniste nepamanteasca (doar vantul si pasarile), un loc excelent pentru meditatie si rascumpararea pacatelor… I.V. Danu


7 responses to “The pilgrimage / Le pèlerinage/ Pelerinajul

  1. Once again, Danu, sorry if my comments are repetetive, but I just adore the beautiful use of color in your landscapes! And while I’ve not yet traveled to Romania, I’ve seen “millions” of photos, etc, and I think the old Monasteries there are absolutely beautiful, really!!

  2. A nice painting, Danu. What do those nuns live off of? Do they have some small agriculture? Maybe they receive money from the monasteries (where monks work the land and raise horses, brew beer and things, with a profit). There’s another of those windmills.

  3. Deborah, no problem! you can praise me as much as you like, I’ll never have enough of it (joking, of course!) And yes, the place was even more beautiful in reality! a true little heaven…

  4. I suppose they have some land around (some forests too) and there are also the believers, the pilgrims, who always let something: money or food, etc. They had all they needed and more since they had built that new church (it looks small in my painting but it was bigger and brand new in reality…) The state had returned a lot of manasteries properties, confiscated during the communist regime. I just read that there are now about 5000 monks and nuns in Romania… ten times or more than before 1989…

  5. mihail medrea

    Fara suparare, desi desenul e bun, in cazul acesta nu te avantajeaza deloc culoarea mult prea violenta…

  6. Nici o suparare, Mihail! era o dupa amiaza de vara in Dobrogea. Lumina si culoarea ERAU violente! Da poate ca am exagerat putzin…

  7. ovidiu stanomir

    putzin cite putzin…

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