Memory lane…my family

I remember one letter of Vincent where he said to Theo that it’s better to make children than paintings… Well, I did that too…


Je me souviens d’une lettre de Vincent à Theo, ou il disait que c’est peut-être mieux de créer des enfants que des peintures… J’ai fait ca aussi…


Imi amintesc de o scrisoare a lui vincent catre Theo in care spunea ca poate e mai bine sa creezi copii decat picturi… Ei bine, o facui si pe asta…


My eternal gratitude towards the co-author… Reconaissance éternelle pour le co-auteur… Recunostintza cat se poate de eterna co-autorului… vezi mai jos:



10 responses to “Memory lane…my family

  1. You’re an excellent photographer. Of course, you had beautiful subjects to work with! Is that your wife in the last photo? She’s beautiful. Those eyes!

    Thanks, moonbeam! Yes, that’s my wife (well, 25-26 years ago… but then myself I,m kind of changed…)

  2. These are wonderfully good photos, Danu. Maybe you would have been the Van Gogh of photography.
    And I’m with moonbeam–your wife has bewitching eyes. It took you to catch that look, though. The kids are great too.

  3. Were, were, were…all this is past tense, 100swallows! and Vincent, poor fellow, of painting or photography or whatever was just a guy until 10-15 years after his death…only after that he start growing into the genius we know… Of course, he silently was that (or something like that) even before… oh, hell, it’s too complicated before the morning coffee…

  4. ovidiu stanomir

    Sunt printre putinii care i-au vazut, de mult, e drept, pe protagonistii acestor fotografii, FOARTE FRUMOASE, ca si ei…

  5. Da. Ovidiu, esti printre putzinii… Si am petrecut multe ore impreuna in mansarda mea, cu computerele, invatzand sa punem in pagina Gazeta de Sibiu. Acolo s-a si nascut… E poate printre putzinele locuri/lucruri pe care, uneori, le regret, din tzara…

  6. ovidiu stanomir


  7. ovidiu stanomir


  8. Cu asta m-ai incuiat…

  9. ovidiu stanomir

    ba nu, ca tu esti un tip descuiat la minte…

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