This is a view (well, kind of post card vision, but that’s how it is, really!) from Sherbrooke, the place where I live since 1998…

It’s not a bad place to live in, neither a metropolis like Montreal nor a very small town where everybody goes to sleep at 22 h… Lots of parks, nice enough people (all kinds but not as cosmopolite as Montreal) and very interesting surroundings, for an artist… I could paint all my life and I’ll still have subjects left unexploited… And I’m not alone, you know… Lots of good artists around… This painting is a watercolor from 2005. I’m just taking a break from my chronological presentation…



6 responses to “Sherbrooke

  1. ovidiu stanomir

    Dane, stii prea bine ca-s un tip fara simtzul masurii – cind ceva imi place, sunt din cale-afara de exuberant; cind nu-mi place de cineva sau ceva, atunci fac urit de tot.

    Or, tabloul tau imi place foarte mult. Si atunci o spun. Si, mai ales, o scriu: PEISAJUL ACESTA E SUPERB !

    Bravo! Bravissimo !

  2. I like this one, Danu. Those are nice, fine leaves and the bright light on the snow (if it’s snow) makes me remember it all (the snow, not the light). I even picture a shell of hardened snow on that hillside. Is that the convent where you teach? I can’t ever see a cypress without remembering Van Gogh’s; but these are your own. Pretty colors too.

  3. Desi peisajul e foarte simplu, Ovidiu ( poate tocmai de aceea!) si mie imi place. Mersi de aprecieri. Din pacate nu cred ca-l mai am… l-am vandut…sau l-am facut cadou… nu mai stiu…

  4. Could be, eventually, a snow effect but in fact it’s a lake and the sun on a quite summer afternoon. The lake is called Lac des Nations and it’s right in the middle of the town. They do watersports on it and, on one side, show and such… But could have been snow and I see how you could be mislead… No, it’s not where I teach but it’s a nun convent all right… Thanks.

  5. ovidiu stanomir

    sunt citeva reproduceri dupa tablourile tale pe care le frecventez sistematic, de drag ce mi-e de ele…

  6. ma bucur, ovidiu, ma bucur…

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