Dumbrava forest

I will illustrate this old, almost mythical place (for me) with a very new watercolor (that I’ve painted a couple of day before).

Dumbrava forest, with it`s zoo and Village Museum, with it`s lakes and hidden places was one of the preferred and much frequented places of my childhood and adolescence… Not very far from my native town of Sibiu it is also a recreation and walking area for the city. I`ve spent many days there, during vacation time, wandering around with friends or alone, dreaming or drawing, and the place will always kept an aura of adventure and excitement…

This windmill is just one of the many wind-and-other-kind of mills there are in the so called Village Technical Museum (now Astra something…), the largest open air museum in Europe, it sems… All kind of peasant shack and workshop, quite interesting and very picturesques…

Muz sat

Copyright Dan Iordache, 2008 (text and image)


15 responses to “Dumbrava forest

  1. Hello! been a while, nice bright colors , you used graphite and watercolors, or what did you use?

  2. Watercolor and acrylic ink, edtajchman! No graphite.

  3. Pretty, Danu, nice colors, cleanly drawn. Maybe that village museum would like to buy such a nice painting. That’s a thousand times better than a photo for their ads.

  4. I wish! But I know a bit the director of it (wasn`t neither director nor senator in my time…) and I`m not sure he likes me very much… But it`s worth a try, is it? thanks, 100s! (I adopted bill way to name you… simpler…)

  5. You’re welcome, Danu. Lately everyone calls me “swallows”.

  6. Swallow, in Romanian is randunica, a nice bird I almost never seen here but which comes back in spring in romania… Here, I’m not sure any more if the spring will ever come again…

  7. mihail medrea

    Ma bucur ca esti consecvent, Dan Quijote!

  8. ovidiu stanomir

    “Dumbrava minunata” si morile sale muzeale…

  9. Relativ consecvent, îhî! Ma bucur de vizita Ovidiu si Mihail! A propos, am inceput sa citesc Zadir de Paulo Coelho (am terminat Veronika) si fotografia lui de pe coperta din spate seamana leit cu mine! Poate sunt sosia lui…

    Cand ai vreme clickeaza pe My Zimbio, ca chestie, e ceea ce se numeste wikizinul meu… Si sa stii ca nu glumeam cu Wikipedia!

  10. ovidiu stanomir

    ai un link pt. My Zimbio?

  11. ovidiu stanomir

    DaNule, te-am cautat pe Zimbio si, culmea, am reusit sa te gasesc, desi am cam mult vin la (tri)bord…

    La mai mare, boierule, esti bun de cinste !
    “pe bune”…

  12. ovidiu stanomir

    bine ca e “Zimbio” si nu “Zombio”..

  13. ovidiu stanomir

    scuze, e si vinul care s-a mutat de la tri- catre ba-bord…

    ce sa-i faci, “Transilvania” din Sibiu a implinit (in ianuarie) 140 de ani !

  14. Multzi ani Transilvaniei si mai ales tzie!
    Linkul la zimbio e ultima chestie in dreapta, dupa Tehnocrati favorites (si pe asta potzi clica si sa ma bagi la favoritzi! …profit si eu ca esti abtziguit…)

  15. ovidiu stanomir

    “Moara cu noroc”, sper…

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