Unlimited models

Noise etendue

Artists don’t usually lack models… there is always something to draw or to paint. I suppose that even in a prison or a mental institution (Ptiu! Ptiu!) I could find models, as long I have at least some paper and a pencil (and the guardian don’t club me on the head or give me tranquilizing shots (Ptiu! Ptiu!)… Models never were my problem… Still, sometimes, you can lack some special kind of models… Beautiful women, interesting faces, exotic places, extreme sports, movements and rare animals aren’t so easy to find if you don’t have big money and free time.

noise buste

All these you can find in movies, of course, and now, with the DVD players, you can “freeze” the image you like after having find it by your step by step button on your zipper (sorry! zapper)… Add Internet and the portable computers and you’ll have an infinity (or equivalent…) of models/images… Ten statistical lives and wouldn’t be enogh to use ALL the models you can find, even if you are kind of poor… I made these drawings in 2002 or around, using a VCR and then a DVD player as source… (The movies I used are: “Pulp Fiction” and “La Belle Noiseuse” with respectively Maria Medeiros and Emmanuelle Beart)

maria de medeiros


6 responses to “Unlimited models

  1. I draw from the TV a lot but tend to just draw as the show goes on instead of freezing it. When we got the DVR I was sure I’d make extensive use of it but somehow it is not very satisfying. But when you do freeze the picture, the subject holds still very well.

    Another problem I have found when I try to draw something from the Animal Planet, et al. is there is a large bar of time information across the screen that most of the time blocks at least part of what I want to draw.

  2. I do not have cable, Bill. So I have not experience really in drawing after live tv – must be difficult I suppose – and yes, DVR could be great if the image is not clogged or obscured… Since there are a huge no of films of all kind (travel and animal life included) one can draw and paint AFTER a GOOD IMAGE almost ANYTHING. I would say even the the choice is TOO big… But the pause and Step by step buttons are great tools !

  3. I do love your drawing style Danu. You add a great deal to whatever subject you are drawing. And this group makes me really want to set up my sketching in front of the TV. I love that I can put my feet up and relax! Only thing is often I get caught up in the action and don’t want to freeze it to sketch.

  4. I have have to confess, Susan, that this are choosen drawings… Most of what I did wasn’t as good as these… and just like you, in 99 % of the cases I do just that: get caught up in the action… Now and then, still, I find a movie part I like a lot (like Isabelle Adjani or maria Medeiros! A great movie for Maria de Medeiros portraits could be “Henry & June” , a film inspired by Henry Miller and Anais Nin’s lives…

  5. merci pour ces chouettes moments

  6. Mon plaisir, Marco…

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