It’s a funny thing that happens with this blog… A lot of people (horse lovers?) search for horses, horse drawings, paintings of horses, and all kind of other horse shit… Don’t be mislead! I love horses! I would draw and paint horses all day long, all year, most of my remaining life… But I write and post reproductions of other great stuff here, am I not? Not only horses… I feel a bit hurt… I mean, hits are good (one day I had almost 200! which is not bad for an art blog, a painting blog… considering how few people are really into this stuff, really; I search a bit on Google trends, trends on art, painting, Van Gogh and stuff… Statistically, when you want to see article on the net on painting almost all you got is about HOW MUCH one painting or another got at licitation… about Van Gogh you got a lot about the late Theo Van Gogh, the one assassinated by an Muslim or, if you are lucky, about how a supposed (for 40 years) Van Gogh proved to be something else in Australia…

In conclusion, there aren’t many good, interesting, new article about painting… at least, not at a quick look. Since I have the horse lovers loving this blog I will give them what I can. For now, just a sketch of a horse, a quick one… At least, I have the justification to tag it as “horse drawing” so that nobady could say to me I’m dealing in horse shit. Sorry if I offended someone with more delicate ears… I took the example of a holy (or not so holy? they are still debatting…) OSHO, who was starting one of his holy video clips as follows: “When Nietzsche told us that God is dead, the most important word in the English language became FUCK” (sorry again! it’s not me, it’s OSHO!) Here is the link to that video (I will try to embeded in my post but I’m not sure I’ll be able to…):

Horse drawing


10 responses to “Horses…

  1. Funny what comes up on those searches. I almost fainted the other day when I read “erika takacs pregnant?”. I was like, does somone know something I don’t? lol Turns out there is a celebrity somewhere in New Zealand with the same name.
    Your horse looks nice by the way. at least you gave them some satisfaction. I can’t promise anything…
    If it’s really getting to you, you can always delete any categories or tags that have horse in them. Or keep horse shit only!

  2. Why don’t you do some studies of horse-shit? Those droppings have some curious shapes and colors.

  3. Yeap, Erica…all kind of funny, bizarre things on the net… Danu, for instance, I found out it’t also an Irish (celtic) deity… or a Thai one… but finding all those things it,s kind of interesting…

  4. Swallows, canadians (and quebecois) are car-men and women and there aren`t enough horses around to make the study you suggest…

  5. This is a really wonderful sketch Danu!!!

  6. I’m just going to copy the words, “beautiful” and “I love it,” and just apply it to all of the postings you do.

  7. If you are going to praise me too much I will become conceited, Miki and Moonbeam!

    But the video it’s really funny ! To hear Osho, with his indian accent, speaking about all the gramatical implication of the f* word it’s really REALLY funny!

  8. Your horse is pure poetry!

  9. Your are too kind, Susan! Thanks…

  10. ovidiu stanomir

    Of course, my horse is the best!

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