Draculya graphic novel

The galloping horse I post now is a 2002-2003 ink drawing… One in a series, unfinished series, featuring Draculya (mind the orthography! Draculya and not Dracula!) as the central hero of a projected graphic novel…

A project unfinished – as many of my projects are(as many as anybody’s projects are, I suppose…) because, maybe, I need some impulse, some incentive to finish it (an interested editor, maybe? one who would finance me a 6 months voyage to Romania in order to document myself thoroughly?). It’s a good, original project that could eventually become a movie, as so many of the relatively good graphic novels did… A graphic novel a bit like Hannibal Rising, which tries to understand where Hannibal Lector got his cannibalistic penchants… but, in my case, it’s Draculya or Vlad the Impaler, the model for Bram Stoker Dracula… I say no more since we live in a competitive and cut-throat world and my project is unfinished but not, I hope!, finished…

As for the horse drawing – I was trying a new style, a new technique, and as you can see, sometimes I can have tremendous patience. I have to say I love China ink and ink in general… Maybe, in some ways, I’m more of a draftsman and a graphician than a painter… or both? Anyway, here it is…
Galoping horse


7 responses to “Draculya graphic novel

  1. It’s a powerful dreamlike image, although probably not one for peaceful sleep. So many little lines. Patience, yes and I imagine it’s very satisfying to put in such detail. (I wouldn’t know!)

  2. I just realized I didn’t have a link for you on my blog, so I just corrected that!

  3. Thanks, Susan! That could send some viewers my way…

    And yes, sometimes I wonder myself how patient I can be… like and old zen monk… Sometimes I WISH I where such a monk but somewhere in a more sunny and warm place…

    And if I manage to get there, in the sunny countries, I suppose I would regret Quebec’s snows and fresh air and good water…

  4. Maybe you should be a full-time illustrator, Danu. This is very nice. Next you could do the Quijote… Actually, where ‘s your Draculya?

  5. He’s desguised (sic?) as the Turk on the mule and meets his horse, the horse (stallion) of his life, during his evasion from captivity in the Otoman empire…

    I wish to be an illustrator… but I don’t seem to be able to get a job like that (if it exists…)

  6. I have a friwnd whose goal was to make a visual recretaion of the Iliad. He did it overmany years and I will give you the link.


    You can do it too.

  7. I’ve tried the link but it gave me “page not found error”… I’ll try again later…

    And thanks for the encouragements: given some money (not very much) and a few years maybe I will do it too…

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