The look of a child

Indian summer in Magog

Sometimes, in some rare and privileged moments, I can look at the world as a child. Sometimes, for a few minutes or hours (if I’m lucky) I can BE a child again. Receiving all the outside impression without any filter, without any judgement, without prejudice. The true, authentic naivity is a precious, rare thing, a thing to be preserved and cherished. Eventually, through a drawing or a painting…

Very few artists could preserve this ingenuity all their life… even the best of them, like Chagall , Utrillo or Paul Klee had their “adult” moments (Paul Klee was a rare case of a fine theoretician AND a very original, somotimes “naive” artist, having the curiosity of an infant for experimentation). Anyway, the true naivity is a rare item and quite difficult to prove. Their authenticity, the originality of an Ivan Generalic, for instance, is manifest. As it is, of course, that of Henry “Le Douanier” Rousseau, one of the greatest… In my (modest) case, naivity is rare and most of the time involuntary. Here are some samples, still from 2002 or around…

The encounter

6 responses to “The look of a child

  1. Very nice, Danu–both of them. I especially like that last woods picture.

  2. ovidiu stanomir

    Dane, iata niste picturi pe gustul meu.
    Or, se stie, sashii aveau o vorba: “palmele si gusturile difera de la om la om”…

    Felicitari! Cel putin primul tablou e si armonios, are si o doza de fantastic in el, poate si “putizn mov”, dar in orice caz e mult albastru, culoarea mea preferata…

  3. Thanks, swallows! It’s called the Encounter… at the time, in 2002-2004 I was living in a small appartment not more than 100 m from the forest. The air was always fresh and smelling vegetal and I could observe all kind of encounters, dog-dog, cat-cat, dog-cat (in this case). I thought that was a smart touch…

  4. Ma bucur ca-tzi place, Ovidiu! E un peisaj inspirat din realitate (dar realitatea, imaginea reala, fusese infinit mai splendida) un peisaj de la Magog, pe malul lacului. Pictura am vandut-o cu 50 $ la un simpozion de pictura. De fapt, am daruit-o la o fetitza de 9-10 ani careia i-a placut foarte mult dar a revenit cu taica-sau si mi-au platit 50…

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