I paint still life too…

The year is still 2002 and this is one of my best still life to date… It’s an acrylic on cardboard and right now it’s in the possession of a very nice young couple from Sherbrooke whom were buying now and then a painting from me. I do not have many “collectors” but they are one (well, two)… I’m very pleased when my paintings decorate the walls of people who really like them. It’s kind of rare but it happens…

At the end of 2002 I’ve started to make the inventory of my drawings and paintings using the simplified (but efficient) Paul Klee system. (I’ve already wrote about this system but not on this blog, I think)

Every 01st of January he will start a new “catalog” of his drawings and paintings produced during the current year. He would note : dimensions, technique, date of completion, if and where it was signed, etc. All the significant information. Eventually, to whom and with what price it was sold. Klee was also classifying his works in 3 main categories: “A” were the drawings and paintings produced without any real model, products of his (rich and complex) imagination; “B” were the drawings and paintings produced after a real model; and, finally, the “S” were the exceptional drawings and paintings, those which he usually liked to keep for his personal collection or which he sold only for an unusually high price. Works which used new techniques, which opened yet unknown avenues, works who were in one way or another “exceptional” (or, in German: Sonderklasse, hence the “S”). Worth mentioning: his classification wasn’t one of value: there were “B” paintings worth their while and no correspondence with the “B” movies is valid…

So, this is a still life I’ve classified as “S”(onderklasse) and I still use the Paul Klee’s system of catalog. It gives me the opportunity of knowing exactly how many and what kind of drawings and paintings I did produced the previous year. Eventually, if I will ever be (post-mortem, of course!) kind of famous (ha!ha!) the art historians will have their work eased a lot…

mauve flowers


6 responses to “I paint still life too…

  1. I’m in love with this. I’d like to put it on layaway please.

  2. Hi, moonbeam, I will send you via email a reproduction, Ok? Glad you like it…

  3. It’s true, Danu–this is one of your best. Though I don’t know how you can possibly decide–there are so many. I guess figuring out a way to catalog them all is really essential. Storing them is also a great problem, isn’t it?

  4. I just FEEL it, swallows! I mean I can tell that for other painters works, you know? (I suppose I could be a good talent scout… a good art dealer, maybe? but you have to be rich to exercise those professions, I suppose also?) I story (sic?) them on cd-s and DVD’s (I scan them usually after completion or digitally photograph them if they are bigger than 9’x12′) We debatted that question (how to store them) on “Painter’s key” site (Robert Genn’s site) and I will probably buy (when I’ll have some dough) Delkin goldplated CDs and DVDs (guaranteed 300, respectivelly 100 years archival quality)…

  5. ovidiu stanomir

    o mostra de rigoare si virtuozitate !

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