Little discoveries…

When you draw and paint constantly, as I did in 2003-2004, it happens you make, now and then, little discoveries… Sometimes, you go further and exploit them, even establish a “style”. But, most often than not, you just go on, make a few drawings or paintings in the new technique and then go on. Boredom is a powerful enemy for an artist…

Here it is: Estelle. A portrait I’ve drawn at Bromont on Art – where I participate for two years in a row, in the happy times when the organizers didn’t yet get too greedy, when participation fees were still reasonable… I sold some paintings (not many, just enough to say I was in the green and not in the red…) and, most of all, I was among other artists. I’ve made some friends, I’ve seen some interesting works of art (and a lot of not so interesting). I had a direct contact with the “amateurs” of painting, rara avis, no doubt… And draw some portraits, like the one I show you now: Estelle, a fine Spanish speaking lady whom I’ve drawn with different pencils and discovered this technique, not far away from lithography and etching (not as a manner of doing it but as a result). I’ve used at least a few more times, one time successfully with my Devil-torro I will show you soon…


9 responses to “Little discoveries…

  1. Hi

    I was looking at your art and I love it.
    Adriana & Arthur

  2. Thank you, Adriana & Arthur! I see you are artists yourselves… Not a easy life but there are some satisfactions in it, aren`t they?

  3. We are new in here and starting in the art world. My name is Adriana and my son is the artist. He is very young and he loves to paint. I started saling his art on ebay three years ago and we are still salling on ebay. Someone advise me about doing a blog here and most likely I will be doing the typing because Arthur loves to paint but he is no into writing. I do have a long way to go, I will help him here. Thanks for your reply. Adriana

  4. I love the expression on Estelle’s face. This is lovely.

  5. Buna,

    Am promis ca-ti voi scrie un e-mail dar nu prea am avut despre ce sa-ti povestesc. Lucrurile sunt aproape la fel cum le stii, asa ca profit de putinul timp pe care il am la dispozitie sa-ti las un comm.
    Nu mi-ai povestit niciodata despre prietenii pe care ti i-ai facut pe vremea cand participai la
    Bromont on Art , deci … astept amanunte.
    Astep sa vad si Devil-torro si sa-i ascult istoria.
    In ceea ce ptriveste afirmatia ta ca ai descoperit o noua tehnica aceea de a picta cu diferite creioane, marturisesc ca mi se pare u pic surprinzatoare, pentru ca cei mai multi dintre copii cunosc de mult aceasta tehnica.

    PS: cred ca este buna ideea cu ebay. Tu ai incercat?


  6. Hi again, adriana & arthur! Yes, I have seen some of his painting on ebay and they are very interesting and original. And yes, making a blog here on wordpress is a very good idea. Not very difficult either… I’m not a wizard in computers and I do it…
    Hope you’ll visit me again and I hope I WILL visit your new blog… Bye for now, danu

  7. Yes, Moonbeam, estelle was a very interesting person… very well dressed, elegant, speaking French, Englesh and Spanish… friendly in a natural way… She was the sister of one of the artists whom exhibited at Bromont in art (an art festival of sorts)

  8. Ma bucur sa aud ca nu e mai rau, carmen. Oh, prietenii de la festivalurile de pictura… 2-3 zile ii vezi, vorbesti cu ei, eventual itzi descoperi afinitatzi si se formeaza un inceput de prietenie… apoi, simpozionul se termina si nu va mai vedetzi un an, doi ani… eentual, te salutzi din nou cu ei si reinnoiesti prietenia… cam atat…

    “Tehnica” la care faceam referintza e mult mai complexa, Carmen (nu prea esti atenta, eh?)… Daca te uitzi cu atentzie vei vedea niste lini albe care formeza o textura suplimentara in negrul creionului de carbune… Practic, e un desen separat pe care-l faci fie cu un creion foarte “tare” (5-9 H) dupa care treci peste cu un creion de carbune, moale si foarte negru… a indoiesc ca , copiii folosesc aceasta tehnica… Ulita-te cu atentzie la urmatorul post unde voi arata Dracul-taur…

    Da, am incercat (cu pseudonim si cu Paypalul unui prieten) pe ebay… e descurajant… atat de mult gunoi artistic – foarte rar ceva cat de cat original sau interesant – cum e cazul celor care-mi scriu mai sus – iar pretzurile sunt pur si simplu ridicole… ai impresia ca totzi scartzanii terrei s-au adunat acolo pentru a face un gesheft… Dezgustator… dar, presupun ca n-ai de unde sa stii daca nu tzi-ai petrecut ore pe acolo… Si, crede-ma, nu-tzi pierde vremea…

  9. ovidiu stanomir

    iata o buna schita pt. un viitor portret; si nici ca desen nu e rau deloc, dimpotriva…

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