Discovery of texture

Delacroix said it: “A painting shoud be a feast for the eye”… No better way to put it. And the eye, just like the humans, is an easily bored entity… You have to give it accidents, impasto, little patterns, imprints, brush strokes, etc. to make it interested and therefore happy…

It was, for me, in 2003-2004 that I began to be really interested and to experiment (still doing it…) with texture. Of course, nothing is new, Rembrandt and Hals, Velasquez and Zurbaran, Chardin et Courbet, Van Gogh, among many others, did it. I mean, if you look closely at the surface of their paintings, you are no doubt going to find all those accidents and more… a lot of moderns did it also and even more sistematically (for Rembrandt and Hals, Velasquez and Chardin, the texture was not something they searched consciently, I suppose… it just happened…and oil painting isn’t as good as acrylics for texture): the surrealist, Max Ernst and many others I forgot the name, did it. Georges Bracque did it. Paul Klee was himself an infatigable experimenter with all kind of materials (ah, imagine if Klee had the materials – all the gels, pastas, different consistency acrylic colors! he would have realised splendid works!)…

As for me, I’ve started to loose my “maniere léchée” (my smooth manner), “à la Dali”, around 2003. In the landscape I show you here, dating from 2003 or 2004, the textures are a bit shy but plainly visible. I suppose I will continue, if I’ll live some more, to experiment with texture. For it does a lot of accidents and a lot of happy, interested eyes…

the hills


12 responses to “Discovery of texture

  1. I feel like I haven’t been to your blog in a hundred years Danu. I fell behind when my daughter was here, and now I’ll have to catch up.

    In the meantime, this is really beautiful.

  2. ovidiu stanomir

    Fain ! Simplu si fain! Tare fain !

  3. Un copac de gheata, sau poate un spin mimetic invaluit de o aurora rebela, asta vad eu.

  4. It is interesting. I like it.

  5. Thanks, Moonbeam! I was a bit on your blog, so I know… I didn’t comment because I was discouraged by the no of comments… didn’t want to give you even more work to do… I’m glad you had your personal time with your daughter… mine is so busy I see her rarely…sometimes she calls me…

  6. Multzumesc, Ovidiu. Ma gandeam eu ca-tzi va place…

  7. Ma bucur ca am starnit poetul din tine, Carmen! wow! “un spin mimetic invaluit de o aurora rebela”! suna grozav…cred ca o sa-i pun titlul asta…

  8. You do “texture” very well and this is a happy picture, all right. It looks like a Danu but those colors–the violet and turquoise and grass green and lemon yellow–aren’t very frequent combinations with you, are they? Very pretty.

  9. Thanks, swallows. You are right, even if it’s a “danu” it is kind of unusual… but then, you never know, are you? and maybe that’s the beauty of it…sometimes you fell on something and you amaze yourself (at least, a bit…)

  10. Cum adica crezi?
    Do it!

  11. Ok, o fac in catalogul meu digital… fiindca lucrarea propriu-zisa n-o mai am… ori am vandut-o, ori am dat-o… asa ca puterile mele asupra ei (si in general) sunt limitate… Numai bine, C!

  12. reflectjune

    Delacroix’s large paintings are magnificent!
    I enjoy reveling in parts of paintings that photographs just can’t show – I only wish I had the discipline and talent to do reproductions…

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