(Farm) Horses

Since horses and samurais seems to bring more visits than anything, Voila! two horses painted after a photo I took in the summer of 2004, when, after 6 years of Quebec, Canada, I have visited my native town of Sibiu where my old parents still live… The photo was taken in the backyard of my cousin Dinutz, from Sacadate, Sibiu county. He is a dentist (and a good one) but still like to farm a bit: he’s growing sheep and cows and has also 2 horses… solid, big, farm horses… Now, that I think, the rider in the back is from another painting I took at the Sibiu Hypodrome… so, ok, I’ve combined two photos and maybe my cousin doesn’t have but one horse (the big arse one)…
Farm horses

… anyway, with this we have entered the 2004, an interesting year, quite productive, where I have made a lot of drawings and paintings, some not that bad… One of the best – in my “bizarrobaroque” style – is this one. I’ve entitled it ” Capteur de rêves d’amour” – Love Dream Catcher – in fact the title was a lot longer but let’s stay with these ones… In my “catalogues” it’s noted as a Sonderklasse (Exceptional class)… I hope you’ll think the same but you never know…

dream catcher


8 responses to “(Farm) Horses

  1. I agree this is one of your best in that “bizarrobaroque” style. I hope that little black animal on the left is not fool enough to get trapped. If he stays there long he’s a goner, sure.
    Those are nice colors, Danu.

  2. Yeap! I think it’s a goner… Glad you like it, Swallows. From time to time, it’s one of these… not as often I would like…

  3. buna,
    nu sunt sigura ca prima pictura este printre favoritele mele, dar cea de-a doua, da: epopeea femeii de la frunza la zbor este o tema demna de a fi pictata.
    daca am timp, intr-o buna zi, ma voi intoarce cu un comentariu in versuri. Pana atunci astept versiunea lui Grauenfels, care de la o vreme a disparut de pe acest blog.
    Danu, am primit ieri in dar o cartea excelenta. Se cheama Povestiri Orientale si este scrisa de Marguerite Yourcenar. te rog sa-mi spui daca ai citit izbavirea lui Wang -Fo sau nu.
    Ar merita sa faci o pictura care sa se cheme asa si care sa aiba ca sursa de inspiratie povestirea de care iti spuneam.
    Nu corectez,

  4. N-am citit izbavirea lui Wang-Fo, Carmen. Dar am auzit de Marguerite Yourcenar. Adrian, ca si noi totzi, e cand on cand off, dupa cum poate…

    Ma bucur ca-tzi place macar una din doua… sper si eu sa ai vreme sa comentezi in versuri. As vrea sa pot picta macar Izbavirea lui Danu-san… fiu-meu, mijlociul si-a rupt un picior pe ghiatza… si n-am stiri de la el…

  5. ovidiu stanomir

    Dane, urmareste, rogu-te, pe “google”, link-ul de mai jos (de data asta nu e nici o pacaleala)

    e fenomenal!

  6. Da, e foarte expresiv! presupun ca e acelasi autor ca pentru Women in art… mersi, ovidiu…

  7. An exemplary love dream catcher. I could sure use one on my bedroom window.

  8. You just need to ask, Bill! You’ll pay me my trip to California and put me in your spare bedroom for a week or so and I will paint you a “vitrail” – your bedroom window with a nice dream catcher… but what would your beloved wife saying?

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