Literature and visual arts

Many of my few friends are poets or writers… Sometimes, in my youth I wrote myself, here and there… and I obeserved that even if most of them have a vivid imagination, our imagination (I mean visual artistist versus writers) is different… when a poet or a writer looks at a painting he is thinking “story”, “characters” etc. I mean, literature, and it’s only natural… When I (and I suppose many of my collegues painters and draughtsmen) look at a painting I think color, composition, graphism, design etc. Because the subject is usually so important to them, many of my literate friends do not like, really, my “bizarrobaroque” stuff…my fantastic works or whatever you want to call them… Here are two more bizarrobaroques from 2003-2004, a nude interpretation (I called it “decorated ribs”) and a painting in the series called “Creatures” (which is the good name both in French and in English)…decorated ribs


10 responses to “Literature and visual arts

  1. These are nice paintings, Danu–call them what you will.
    Of course as you get more subjective you will lose people. They look for meaning–that’s only natural, isn’t it? Every hint you give them helps. The color and the design is a means to an end and when it becomes the end, well, that is an extravagance. Ruskin sometimes praises the painters who paint only to color, but other times–for example when he speaks of Correggio–he calls the colorists more sensual and therefore inferior souls since their balance has tipped away from reason (my way of putting it).

  2. mihail medrea

    mostre de monstii hipnotici si clorotici…

  3. Thanks, swallows! I don’t know Ruskin very well but, in our time, reason has lost a lot of its hairs… the age of reason, the science, also… intuition, the way of the color, I would say, gain some… anyway, nothing is pure…

  4. Monstrii…poate. clorotici? …nu stiu. Oricum, buna revedere, mon ami…

  5. Creatures is great Danu. The first thing that must speak to me in a painting is colour, without doubt, the secondary, though only just secondary level, is combination of colours. Do they please my eye? Then, the subject. I find I have often applied this unconsciously when browsing music CDs for new artists whom I haven’t heard. The covers are extremely important for me. The blues and greens of “Creatures” draw me in, and I feel at ease with the painting, and can enjoy the subject matter within.

  6. P.S. My friend, I want to wish you all the luck in the world with your job. Hope it all goes well.

  7. Thanks, Kev! I also hope… but I’ll probably have to wait until July or August to know for sure… but sometimes the worst is for the best… No job will mean also total freedom to draw and paint… So, I let fate work its way…Either way is good…

    as for pleasing the eye…Delacroix said it: A painting shoulf be a feast for the eye…

  8. interesting observation, I am definitely one of the …”I think color, composition, graphism, design etc. people.” Although being a fan the beat poets, I would say some of their poems definitely are abstract, .. are about the syllables and the sound sometimes, not always telling a direct story. S

  9. I like your “bizarrobaroques”, each artist has his own imaginative world.

  10. thanks, anangeli! I do appreciate your visiting and comments.

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