The old shepperd

Right now I kind of lost my ways…I do not write as I used to… I lost interest in amost everything and I function by inertia, trying to do as quick as possible the eventual chores and then to lose my time in the classic, fattening way of “dinner before TV”, searching for a movie I did not seen yet… or interesting enough to deserve to be looked at until the end… Also classic simptoms of the “sadness sickness”, “melancholia” or, in modern terms depression… Everything seem meaningless and vain…

Still, inertia works: the following is a metaphorical selfportrait I did in 2003 or 2004: me, as an old shepherd, with a two headed lamb and a mean tempered cat and a large herd dog… I don’t have the energy to explain it and, anyway, what kind of painting is the one that need such an amount of explaining? A painting should tell its tale without words… I will tell you though that this is the only painting I’ve sold at my retrospective in November-December 2006 and with a (for me) hefty price of $750.

In momentul de fatza sunt un pic pierdut… Nu mai scriu, nu mai pictez cum obisnuiam… Functzionez in virtutea inertziei… Incerc sa scap cat mai repede de “sarcinile” neplacute si obligatorii ale existentzei ca sa pot, apoi, sa-mi pierd vremea mancand in fata TV-ului… simptome clasice de “boala a tristetzii”, de “melancolie” sau, cum se spune in termeni moderni, de depresiune nervoasa… Nimic nu mai pare sa aiba sens… sau importantza…

Dar inertzia functzionand inca, iata un autoportret simbolic facut prin 2003 -2004… Eu, in chip de batran pastor, cu un miel cu doua capete, o pisica temperamentoasa si un dulau de oi… Dar n-am energia sa explic… si pe urma, ce fel de pictura e aceea care nu poate “explica” singura, prin culoare si desen? Pot sa spun, totusi ca acesta e singurul tablou pe care l-am vandut din expozitzia retrospectiva din noiembrie-decembrie 2006 cu pretzul (nu prea rau, pentru mine) de 750$.


11 responses to “The old shepperd

  1. Danu, I’m so very sorry about your depression. I wish there was something I could say to make it better for you. I definitely can relate, and what keeps me going through these periods is knowing that it will pass.

    I hope you are being good to yourself, and that you’re getting out and enjoying the start of spring.

    The painting is haunting and beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Oh, moonbeam, just like yourself, I know it will pass (and then come again)… It’s life, no? But sometimes I’m ashamed because my life isn’t as horrible as that… Ok, I’m getting old and I am poor and nothing is as it used to be but I can hardly imagine how a winning (? not sure about the ortograph… a person who complains a lot…) man like myself could resist FM, for instance… Your courage and humor IS an inspiration for me… which is a very precious thing in this world…

  3. Hey, Danu–do you like the circus? How about a portrait of a clown ? If you don’t feel like laughing you could make him sad. But there’s plenty of opportunity for your great colors there. You know Chagall liked that theme. A clown or circus picture makes everyone cheery–maybe even you for awhile while you worked. Chin up–come on!

  4. Not only Chagall, swallows…Picasso also did some great sad clown & family… Cezanne too… there is also a great Romanian artist, Iosif Iser, who liked them and did some great paintings with it – I just made a drawing of a clown… Not a bad idea…thanks

  5. This is really a great painting, Danu! And I understand very good the buyer! Great colours, great theme, great smbolism, great humour (kind of, very danuesque at least!)… but please, Danu, tell me something more about the painting, it has nothing to do with the quality of the painting if I want to know more. I am just very curious of YOUR words about it, you always write such interesting stuff about your stuff!!!
    Concerning your lack of energy and depression, come on, be with us at least, we so much love your presence, it is really a great pleasure for us to have you with us! I know it does not help solving the existentialistic problems, but it could help enjoying the present moment…
    by the way: hallows 100swallows… no corrida hoy? el tiempo lo impide?

  6. The first thing, miki, is that the reproduction is, in fact, a detail of the good Shepherd… There is a dog, a big dog, on whom the little (but jumpy and temparamental cat is staying). There are some other shep, not very precisely drawn, around, also… I can get into more detail publicly but let’s say this is a simbol of my family… The idea came from a picture in National Geographic, of a east German shepherd with his flock, somewhere near the Danube…

    As for my little depression…nothing new… I accept it and try to go along till it fades away… for a while…

  7. Thanks for your explanation Danu! I could not see the dog and the cat, but I didn’t dare to ask where they are, thinking that I might be “blind”!!! This is the reason why I asked you for some words ont he painting, hoping that you would give me a clue where they are, more or less indirectly! 🙂
    Now of course I understand very well the symbolism, and it is a great one!
    Speaking of the Danube.. 4 years ago I went to its source, and I promised me that one day I would follow it, from the beginning until the end… Kevin is up for it too, so one day, with our Boomobile, we will do it…

  8. ovidiu stanomir

    Have you seen “The Bucket List”?…

  9. Nu, Ovidiu, n-am vazut-o…ce e ? un film? Bucuros sa te regasesc pe blog, man…

  10. Miki, that’s exactly what the National Geographic reporter was doing… It’s not an uninteresting route and a lot of interesting landscapes and people along the way…I hope you’ll do it! (I could give you some contacts and interesting places concerning Romania, of course)

  11. Yes, we will definitely do the Danu be… how will that be Danu? 🙂
    And of course we will ask you! Thanks for proposing

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