The Horse and the Sea

Hemingway wrote The Old Man and the Sea… I’ve painted a horse and the sea… I do not pretend to be some Hemingway of the painting and I did it a lot easier and in no more than an hour or so… I did it a few days ago so this is interrupting the chronological presentation of my works… I just felt I need a pause and I wanted also to dedicate this to some new friends from my old country, Romania ( like emil, emma and panselutza…) and to all the unknown friends out there on the Internet who like horses…

In fact, why do we like so much horses? Is it because they are so beautiful animals, so sensitive and so close to us, when we do know to listen to them (or to whisper in their ears)? Is it the simbol of freedom they represent? Is it their full sexual conotations? (When we want to say about a man he is very sexually powerful aren’t we saying “He’s a real stallion”? ) and so on… so many artists loved horses, from Delacroix to Degas…

Anyway, this is another modest homage to the most beautiful and free of the domesticated animals. For those who like to read about horses I wish to recommend the British author Dick Francis, a former jockey turned writer (and a very good one at that…)


Hemingway a scris Batranul si marea… Eu am pictat un cal si marea… Nu c-as fi eu un Hemingway al picturii… calul meu si marea le-am pictat mult mai usor si doar o ora sau cam asa… Am facut-o acum cateva zile si acest post intrerupe prezentarea cronologica a “operei” mele… Am simtzit insa necesar sa fac o pauza si sa dedic acest desen unor noi prieteni din batrana mea patrie, Romania (emil, emma si panselutza…) ca si tuturor acelora care iubesc caii si ma viziteaza pentru ei si nu numai…

De ce iubim oare atat de mult caii? O facem pentru ca sunt niste animale asa de frumoase, asa de sensibile si de apropiate omului? Atunci cand stim sa-i ascultam (sau sa le soptim la ureche)? Sau ii iubim fiindca sunt asa de mult un simbol al libertatzii? al libertatzii salbatice si “fara frau”? Sau e simbolistica sexuala? (NU spunem oare despre un barbat care e bine dotat sexual ca este “un adevarat armasar”? ) Atat de multzi artisti au iubit caii, de la Delacroix la Degas…

Oricum, iata un modest omagiu pe care-l aduc calului, acest cel mai frumos si mai liber dintre animalele domestice. iar pentru cei carora le place sa citeasca, il recomand cu caldura pe scriitor britanic Dick Francis, un jockeu devenit scriitor (si inca unul foarte bun!)…


8 responses to “The Horse and the Sea

  1. Great to see you back here, Danu! I was waiting with impatience for a new entry! Sometimes I have more time than normal and then I love to come to all my friends’ blogs.
    I don’ t really know horses, how they are I mean, although I painted many… I don’t even know if I like them… but I love to seen them galopping along a beach, it is such a powerful image of freedom!
    You seem to know them well, and you paint them very well! Did you ever listen to them? And what do they tell you?

  2. No, miki, my knowing them is kind of academic and it’s Robert Redford”s speciality to listen (and whisper) in horses ear… But I’ve seen a lot of movies and read a lot of books with and about horses…

  3. Bonjour Danu!
    Yes of course, I saw Robert Redford whispering in horses ear… at that time I would have loved that it is MY ear, but now of course not even him has a chance to approach my ears! 🙂
    For myself I never really felt attraction to horses, I don’t know why. I can’t even say that I really find them so beautiful… too big perhaps,,, too thin legs compared to the body… and their faces… I can’t really understand them, not human enough, so I can’t feel close to them…
    But a man, or a woman, on a horse is something very beautiful for me, a wonderful contrast!

  4. Well, I supose they (horses not Redford) could be pretty scary too… My attachment to them is mostly literary and I cannot say I do know them otherwise than from books and movies… I did ride one – a large heavy work horse – when I was 10-11 years old… But my mother WAS a rider for real and she is the one, most probably, who instiled the love of horses in me… She had this one old photo of her – a tiny beautiful young woman in ridding boots and pants (that was before marriage and me…) near a black spotted white mare…

  5. They are beautiful animals indeed. It is amazing what you can do in one hour of painting. I love portrayals of them in ancient caves and modern close up photography of horses, You know, those oversized books that you find at Barnes & Noble?

    My only vital experience of horses goes back to early age when I first rode on one. For me, the head looked huge and I was afraid of his eye as he turned his head sideways to monitor the rider. I can see the big eyelashes right now.

    At that early age the feeling I felt was that he was a powerful animal and I should not poke him in any way to make him ride this way or the other. So I would not ride oe out of respect—- and fear— I guess I am too sensitive.

  6. You may be sensitive, anangeli, but I think horses, like dolphins, do seem to have a special relationship with humans… I remember Cisco, Kevin Kostner’s character horse in Dances with wolves… and so many other samples of special relationship… But I suppose, even if it’s rarer than with man, there are also wicked, mean horses, vicious kickers and such… Anyway, your description of your horse experience it’s very poignant…

  7. ovidiu stanomir

    Frumos cal, frumoasa imagine !

    si, cum se spune, ce-i frumos si “Celui-batrin-de-zile” ii place…

    felicitari !

  8. Bine ai re-venit, Ovidiu! ma bucur ca-tzi place…

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