Surrealisme ?

Récemment, j’ai tombé sur un phrase de Juan Mirò qui m’a choqué (un peu): le processus décrit par lui a été (est) pas mal le même que le mien et je me suis rendu compte que je faisais “de la prose” sans savoir, tout comme le bourgeois de Molière… Voici cette phrase dans cette biographie de Dali par Conroy Maddox (Éditions Taschen,1988):

“L’automatiste des peintres tel que Mirò et Masson correspondait à l’association verbale libre des écrivains (surréalistes). L’artiste n’avait qu’à laisser errer librement son piceau sur la toile. “Au lieu de projeter de peindre quelque chose de précis”, explique Mirò, “je commence plutôt à peindre, et pendant que je peins, le tableua commence lui-même à s’assurer, lui même à se suggérer sous mon pinceau. Pendant que je travaille, les traits prennent la forme d’une femme, ou d’un oiseau… Le premier stade est libre, inconscient…” (p.36)

Les deux images réproduites ici sont le résultat du même processus que celui décrit par Mirò. Je l’ai peint en 2004, dans une époque de grande productivité et d’experimentations… Bien sur, après le “premier stade”, tout comme pour Mirò et autres surréalistes(dont Victor Brauner, mon compatriote), des stades rationnelles, conscients, de construction et élimination suivent…

Pour moi, ce type de processus de création est valide surtout pour les bizarro-baroques, pour les oeuvres marqués avec le A, d’après le système de Paul Klee (ouvres imaginaires)… Et je ne m’impose pas de faire exclusivement des oeuvres d’imagination, sorte de “dictée automatique” surréaliste…Ca serait aussi frustrant, aussi stressant que de ne pas dessiner et de ne pas peindre que d’après modèle, d’après la réalité. Si je suis, un peu, surréaliste ce n’est pas par choix rationel mais parce que je suis comme ca, pur et simple…


5 responses to “Surrealisme ?

  1. I like both your pictures, Danu. The top one reminds me vaguely of a Chagall. His girlfriend said he created his pictures first putting color here and there on the canvas and slowly the figures of his paintings grew out of the colors, crystallized into things and people (I think that’s what she said, that’s how I remember it).

    Miró used to say all kinds of things. I read him once saying every morning was new fun to him: he never knew what he was going to do when he arrived at his workshop. Seeing his many and important commissions, I can’t believe that. Maybe he was thinking back to the time he was not so famous.

  2. Could be so for chagall, swallows… the method is not unique, I would say for a type of artists is only natural…

    I know some paintings by Miro (he has, for instance, a superb Farm, in a realist-cubist style…)

    And he was a Spaniard, just like Picasso and Dali… But I can believe him because even his UN commissions are in the same style, unique… He was quite a character, I’ve heard (and probably I will search more information on him not that I am a great of his style but because he is very “zen”…

  3. I like both pictures too, Danu!
    And yes, could be Chagall. Except the fact that, if I remember well, Chagall has generally no horizon on his paintings, at least not horizontal… am I right? You are a 1000 time better art erudite than I am!

    I am though always a little bit irritated when people compare us to some other artists, famous or not. Why do they do it? What do you think, Danu? Somehow it hurts me a little bit… I guess I am too sensitive..
    But you Danu? How do you feel when they do it?

    By the way I have exactly the same problem when people compare Kevin;s music with the one of another musician… I don’t like it at all! Even when they are genius…

  4. Comme on, miki! “1000 time better art erudit”… that’s not true… I am just an relatively not young artist who has a lot of spare times on his hands and can occupy himself with “futile” (but for him essential) things as the painting, the art…

    I think Miki that people need to situate us in a systeme of reference, which is only natural. I feel the inexactitude of almost any comparison (even the very honest ones) since every sincere artist is unique but I can understand (I do it myself a lot) the need to compare and to grasp, by approximations (succesives) the feeling the work of a painter or sculptor etc. gives us…

    Yes, you are too sensitive… but that’s not only a relative curse but also an essential part of yourself as an artist… What would we be without our sensitivities…?

  5. I meant, you know thousand ore books and films and musics and histories than I do, and this is a fact!
    This is a good answer which you give me. I understand better now.
    I wouldn’t give away the tiniest bit of my sensitivity… hart to cope with sometimes, but generally it’s great.

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