Weird stuff and travel watercolors…

The year is still 2004. A year of mixted emotions, of experimentations, of quite weird, bizarrobaroques paintings and drawings but also the year where I’ve visited Romania, after 6 years of Quebec, Canada. I’ve seen my old parents, and my native city of Sibiu, in SE Transylvania, some of my old friends… I had a hard cover sketchbook in which I’ve wrote and draw everything that catched my attention (If I’ll be able to find the scanned images of that sketchbook I will post some drawings…)

So here there are: a weird compsition (painted exactly in the manner Juan Miro describes, at least at the beginning) and a watercolor landscape of Ocna Sibiului (where most of Sibiu people bath in very very old salted lakes, in the summertime…) I know most of my friends out there do not like my weird stuff… but that’s also me.

I am, as an artist, a ball of contradictions (you can picture me rolled in a ball of Yin and Yang: DA-NU…) and you have to take me as a whole, with my dark side included…


8 responses to “Weird stuff and travel watercolors…

  1. we are waht we are, aren’t we, Danu? every picture has a part of you.

  2. And I find them delightful.

  3. Thanks, anangeli, and miki! You are – as usual – too kind… I’m not sure if “delightful” is the right word for the weird one… but I can tell you I did amuse myself painting it and if there are SM elements in it it’s exclusively in painting… just like in my prefered “weird” artists: Brueghel and Bosch (in that order; I don’t know way but I prefer de loin Brueghel, the Old one… he has a more sain humor…)

  4. ovidiu stanomir

    amice, te apropii de 25 da mii de accesari, si-mi pari destul de inaccesibil, in Lumea ai Noua…

  5. Aparentze, Ovidiu, aparentze… Nu stiu cate din cele viitoare 25000 sunt reale, pentru mine insumi, si cate doar “hit”uri intamplatoare sau doar aduse de “cai” (horses) si de samurai…

  6. ovidiu stanomir

    samurarii si cu caii
    ti-or aduce si paraii…

  7. Razi tu razi, Harap Alb…

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