For me, Magog is a very special place. It is the place where I had my first industrial job, the place where I was away from my family for the first extended period of time, the place where I had my work related accident… A place of hard labor (for me, ex-teacher, ex-journalist, ex-“business man”, well over 40…) and sorrow…

But also an enchanted place, with the lake Memphremagog and its surroundings, with its cozy little caffes and restaurants, with its art galleries and all… Not a bad place for an artist. I was living at the first (and last) floor of a small house, on Eduard Est street, with a garden and a view in the back, a quiet place (until some other geezer moved in the next door apartment…the wall were like cardboard and I was hearing, practically, his breathing…)

But in all, not an entirely bad experience… I’ve painted quite a bit in my spare time, landscapes (but not only), some bizarrobaroques, portraits… Here it is a small landscape I kind of like… I gave it away, I think, to someone in Romania, when I’ve visited, in 2004…

So many paintings I do not know where they are anymore!… Like seed spreaded in the wind… but with little, very little hope that someday they will find some good earth to grow… but then, that’s the way the things are, no? As my friend Pete, the busdriver, used to say: Life is a bitch…and then you die…

P.S. It seems my blog had today over 25.000 hits… Most of them for “Romanian Horses” and “Samurai”, or other horses related posts… anyway… I will go on, though, just like Freddy Mercury…


5 responses to “Magog

  1. This is a very pretty painting, Danu. Cheer up and do some more as good–come on. Life may be a bitch but she’s very pretty sometimes.

  2. Of course, you are right. I know it myself but you kow how it is… petites tracaseries qui s<accumulent… thanks, I really appreciate your support and friendship ( me who am so lousy at supporting my friends)…

  3. mihail medrea

    gog si…magog…

  4. Great quote from Pete.. and from 100swallows!
    And I love this painting very much. Wonderful light and colours!

  5. Thanks, miki! Ihope to explore some more this type of non-local color landscapes… You are much more advanced in this field…

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